Is Jeff Goldblum Jewish? Everything About His Religious Belief

Indeed, there is no one like Jeff Goldblum in Hollywood. His quirky personality, together with his alluring looks, has catapulted him into success.

And we believe we speak for many people when we say that his iconic movies made our childhood more fun and memorable.

Is Jeff Goldblum Jewish?  Which religion does he follow?
Jeff Goldblum by Dick Thomas Johnson licensed under CC BY 2.0

That is why many people around the globe look up to Jeff to the point that they are curious to learn every single detail about him – including his religious beliefs.

According to reports, Jeff Goldblum’s ancestors apparently emigrated from Russia, Austria, and Ukraine – countries which, during their time, were predominantly Jewish. That is why people can’t help but wonder if the actor is actually Jewish. Let’s find out.

Jeff Goldblum’s Religious Upbringing

It has been confirmed that Jeff Goldblum’s ancestors were, in fact, Jewish who fled to the US during the anti-semitic attacks being carried out by the nazis.

His parents, despite being born in Pennsylvania, decided to preserve the family’s Jewish roots by letting them attend an Orthodox synagogue. Jeff and his two older siblings even had their Bar Mitzvah.

However, Jeff revealed during an interview that they weren’t really forced to follow their parent’s religion, unlike most families. 

My parents sent all of us to a Hebrew school at a local synagogue. It was kind of traditional. It was small. I had a bar mitzvah, but then we weren’t encouraged to participate much in anything.”

Jeff Goldblum’s Religious Upbringing.
Jeff Goldblum by Phil Guest licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Based on that, it seems that Jeff’s parents weren’t all that strict when it came to Jeff’s religious beliefs. 

Is Jeff Goldblum Still Jewish?

It’s not uncommon to hear people disassociate themselves from the religion they grew up with once they get older. But as for Jeff Goldblum’s case, it seems that he still identifies as Jewish, but he doesn’t follow its practices and tenets religiously:

I’ve continued to, you know, identify myself culturally with Judaism, and have exposed myself to wisdom literature that’s from one tradition or another.”

In another interview, Jeff also revealed that he keeps his religious boundaries open – that is, adaptive to different world views and perspectives.

There are things about me that are Jewish, although I have a spiritual appetite, I might say, where I identify myself with larger groups than just Jews.”

Nevertheless, one can never take Jeff’s Jewish roots away from him. That is why he’s one of the many actors who are the first to speak up whenever atrocities are committed against the Jewish community.

Is Jeff Goldblum Still Jewish? What's his religious belief?
Jeff Goldblum by Greg2600
licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In 2018, Jeff wrote a letter expressing his grief and pain after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting incident:

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Near Squirrel Hill. These events are devastating. And infuriating. I send my love and deepest sympathies to everybody who’s grieving. What can we do that’s positive, active? I just made a gift to HIAS. Perhaps that. And vote. I’m searching.

In a Nutshell

To conclude everything, Jeff Goldblum was born and raised in a Jewish household. He associates himself with Jewish culture and community, but he is not religious. 

Do you consider Jeff Goldblum a good role model to young Jews? Why or why not? Leave a comment below!

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