Is Jeff Goldblum Related to Brad Bellflower?

Jeff Goldblum is a man with many connections in the industry, be it romantic flings to work partners.

Other celebrities who have worked with him before on a project also admire the man for his skills and charismatic personality. Perhaps that explains why Hollywood loves Jeff Goldblum very much.

Is Jeff Goldblum Related to Brad Bellflower?
Jeff Goldblum by Simoncromptonreid licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

With that said, people who idolize Jeff Goldblum also tend to extend their admiration to his family members.

These days, however, there seems to be a name associated with Jeff Goldblum more than anyone else: Brad Bellflower. At first glance, it would make sense why people think these two are related.

After all, they both have wacky last names. But there’s something most people don’t actually know about Brad Bellflower that could serve as an answer to everyone’s queries. Are you ready to find that out? Well then, keep reading!

Who is Brad Bellflower?

According to several sources, Brad Bellflower is the founder of – an online apartment listing service made to help individuals who are searching for living spaces that are of modern and futuristic design.

On top of that, he is also the inventor of Apartminternet, which is one of the website’s five campaigns intended to immerse renters into a high-tech experience during their apartment hunting.

A single Google search of his name would show you that Brad Bellflower looks exactly like Jeff Goldblum – so much so that people have begun to assume that he’s the actor’s missing twin! But why is it that we have only heard of him now?

Well, that’s actually because Brad Bellflower isn’t even a real person. He is a fictional character played by – you guessed it – Jeff Goldblum to represent the company during their TV ad campaign.

So, in other words, the website is real; it’s just Brad Bellflower who’s not. It’s quite creative of them, actually. They even made social media accounts just for Brad!

Are Brad Bellflower and Jeff Goldblum Twins?

As mentioned earlier, Brad Bellflower and Jeff Goldblum are the same people. Hence, it seems very impossible for them to be twins. However, Jeff does have three siblings in real life, and they are:

  • Lee Goldblum
  • Rick Goldblum
  • Pamela Goldblum

Unfortunately, his two brothers have long been deceased. Rick, who was only 23 years old at the time of his death, suffered from a fatal kidney failure. Meanwhile, his older brother Lee died in 2000.

Are Brad Bellflower and Jeff Goldblum Twins? See the details.
Jeff Goldblum by Paul Rudman licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Jeff has since opened up about his father’s crude treatment of his brother due to his homosexuality. He said during an interview:

My dad was, without knowing why, conspicuously cruel to [Lee] at times. He didn’t tell the rest of us. Sent him to a therapist in order to ‘fix him’. It was all a secret. That’s not so nourishing.”

This harsh treatment may be due to Jeff Goldblum living in a Jewish household, which is why homosexuality may not be accepted as openly as they would like. 

In a Nutshell

So, now you know that Jeff Goldblum and Brad Bellflower are not related. The former is a widely successful Hollywood actor, while the latter is not even a real person but a fictional character played by Jeff himself for an apartment listing website called 

We hope this helped clear things up!

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