Is Jennie Kim Vegan? Let's Know About Her Diet Plan

Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK is known for her excellent rapping, tight skin, and curvy body. No wonder she goes through regular workouts and follows a proper diet plan. 

What's Jennie Kim Diet Plan? Is she vegan?
Jennie Kim by ???????? licensed under CC BY 4.0

What is Jennie Kim’s diet plan, and how effective can it be? We will know further whether she is a vegan and more about her workouts. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Is Jennie Kim a Vegan? 

As Jennie Kim has the most curved body in BLACKPINK, most think she is always on a strict diet. Some think she is a vegan, and others believe she is a pure vegetarian. However, the correct information will surprise you a lot. 

Jennie Kim doesn’t practice veganism or likes eating greenish food. She eats almost every yummy stuff, including five-star hotel-made meals and Korean street foods. From soup to coffee, she consumes everything but in a balanced way. 

She visits different restaurants and tries out various foods including meat and fish. Here is footage of Jennie Kim and other BLACKPINK members enjoying the street foods of Korea. 

The Diet Plan of Jennie From BLACKPINK

As we mentioned earlier, Jennie is not constantly dieting; she generally makes herself dieted before making a comeback with a new song, album or advertisement. However, she doesn’t miss working out daily but often gives herself rest from dieting. 

The Diet Plan of Jennie From BLACKPINK.
Jennie Kim by HeyDay licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Before we straight jump on her diet plan, let’s learn what in her diet helps her the most in losing weight so quickly. It’s no sodium.

Yes, Jennie strictly avoids taking salt, as it can cause your skin to get swollen. So, now let’s take a glance at what she eats three times a day when dieting. 

Jennie Kim’s Breakfast

Jennie goes for a workout after consuming her breakfast, so she is informed that she takes light meals like toast with fruits. This is all that she takes in her breakfast.

Jennie Kim’s Lunch

Jennie’s lunch includes avocado salad, but it would taste great with some toast. She makes sure not to eat so much that her stomach feels full. 

Jennie Kim’s Supper 

Jennie takes most of the nutrients in her dinner because we all know that whatever we eat for dinner will work in our body to create helpful hormones, antibodies and energy while asleep. She takes porridge and detox juice. These diet meals might look horrible in taste, but they aren’t. 

Jennie Kim's diet plan with workout details.
Jennie Kim by D4cgrapher licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

It’s proven that if someone follows Jennie BLACKPINK’s diet

and does the pilates workouts and yoga can at least get her waist reduced to 1.5 inches in just three days. Several people have already tried following the diet plan, yoga and workouts like Jennie and got a much-toned figure. 

Final Words 

Jennie Kim doesn’t only have a beautiful face but an attractive body. Her body is so toned, and her skin is so tight that anyone would like to know the secret of how she maintains it. 

Following this diet plan and doing a few workouts for five can also help you gain such a curved body in just 5 days or a week. It’s hard to suddenly go on such a strict diet; hence we believe her diet plan will work for you within 5 to 6 days.

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