Is Jennifer Lopez Related to George, Priscilla, and Ondreaz Lopez?

How many Lopez do you know in your life? For Hollywood, well, too many! They’ve got Jennifer Lopez, George Lopez, Priscilla Lopez, and Ondreaz Lopez to name a few.

It’s interesting how they not only share the same surname, but they’re all successful in their own career paths as well. With this in mind, some people have begun to question whether their fame has actually something to do with the fact that they’re all related. And if so, luck must be in their genes!

How Jennifer Lopez Related to George, Priscilla, and Ondreaz Lopez?
Jennifer Lopez by MTV International licensed under CC BY 3.0

To answer that question, we’ve investigated J.Lo’s family tree to see whether or not she’s related to any of the Lopez mentioned earlier. Here’s what we know:

Are George Lopez and Jennifer Lopez Related?

These two Hispanic celebrities have crossed paths before when J.Lo performed a monologue for the George Lopez Show. Needless to say, Jen shocked the world with her performance.

She was extremely sassy, funny, and charismatic – just like George Lopez. Now, we’ve seen blood-related celebrities who share a great sense of humor, but is this also the case with George and Jennifer?

While it is true that George Lopez is old enough to be Jennifer’s older brother, their difference in ethnic background makes it impossible for them to be related.

Are George Lopez and Jennifer Lopez Related? Who is George Lope?
George Lopez by Maggie “Maggiejumps” licensed under CC BY 2.0

George Lopez was born to Mexican parents while Jen is of Puerto Rican descent. As far as available data is concerned, the two do not have any common ancestors.

How About J.Lo and Priscilla Lopez?

Priscilla Lopez is basically the 72-year-old variant of Jennifer Lopez. Just like J.Lo, Priscilla is a singer, dancer, and actress. It’s safe to say that they’re both workaholics – but that’s not the only thing they have in common:

  • They both have Puerto Rican blood
  • Their birthplace is New York
  • They both starred in the movie Maid in Manhattan

Speaking of Maid in Manhattan, this is where things get interesting. Priscilla Lopez played the role of Veronica Ventura in the movie, who is the mother of Marisa Ventura which is played by – you guessed it – Jennifer Lopez. They literally played mother-and-daughter in the movie. How about in real life, you may ask? 

Well, you’ll be disappointed to know that Jennifer Lopez and Priscilla Lopez are not actually related. All those similarities they share are mere coincidences. 

The controversial TikTok star Ondreaz Lopez came under fire last year when he got exposed for taking advantage of an underaged girl.

It’s hard to imagine someone as problematic as Ondreaz being related to someone as wholesome as Jennifer. But hey, they’re both dancers. Maybe they could be related after all?

Not much is known about Ondreaz’s family tree aside from his brothers. However, some sources say that his father is Cuban while his mom is a mix of Scottish, German, and British descent.

With that said, we can confidently conclude that Ondreaz Lopez and Jennifer Lopez are not related. Besides, if they were, he would have made a hundred TikToks talking about that by now.

To sum it up: Jennifer, George, Priscilla, and Ondreaz Lopez are not related. Although, imagine how lit their Thanksgiving dinner would be if they were.

You’ve got uncle George Lopez making the whole family crack up with his witty jokes, Jennifer and Priscilla having an amazing duet on the karaoke, and Ondreaz Lopez… well, doing whatever it is that he does on TikTok.

Kidding aside, if you really want to know who’s actually related to Jennifer Lopez, check out this article!

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