Is Jharrel Jerome Gay? Everything About His Sexuality

Is Jharrel Jerome gay? If you are Jerome’s fan and still don’t know his true sexuality we have something surprising to let you know. 

As the actor or Monster film not only played straight characters in movies but also gay roles, it’s obvious his followers would get confused with his sexual label. 

A close look at Jharrel Jerome' sexuality details.
Jharrel Jerome by Greg2600 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Besides, his life is private enough that there is little data regarding his personal life. So is it possible to find out his sexuality? 

Yes, and here’s the surprising fact, Jharrel Jerome’s sexuality is interpreted as straight. Because indirectly explained himself as heterosexual. He even called his gay lover Ashton from the movie Moonlight his homie and brother. 

Here’s everything you would like to learn about the star’s gender orientation. 

Is Jharrel Jerome Gay? 

The “When They See Us” actor’s sexuality has been doubted since 2016. A group of people thinks he is gay. These days with the help of social media opinions spread fast enough. Some opinions led a group of people actually think he is Jharrel is gay. 

But is Jharrel Jerome Gay for real? We can’t say yes because there is no legit information regarding it. No interview of Jerome is on the internet where he mentioned himself as homosexual.

Without the actor’s verification, we can’t assume him a same-sex lover. Until he comes out publicly we need to believe Jharrel Jerome is not gay. 

Is Jharrel Jerome Bisexual? 

Here is the commonly asked question from Jharrel’s followers, “is Jharrel Jerome bisexual?” The answer is “Maybe no.” 

Jharrel was interviewed many times but he never mentioned liking men. He didn’t declare himself bisexual anywhere in the media. 

Is Jharrel Jerome Straight? 

Jharrel Jerome is usually quiet when it’s about his gender orientation. Although the actor never directly labeled his sexuality as straight, we have a piece of his interview where he talked in a way that he is heterosexual. 

Is Jharrel Jerome Straight? Why do some think he's gay?
Jharrel Jerome by Greg2600 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In one interview he was answering questions regarding his acting movie Moonlight. In that movie, he played a queer role. He played Kevin who was bisexual and in love with another guy character named Chiron (played by Ashton Sanders). 

When the interviewer asked how he approached the bisexual character in the moonlight movie, Jerome answered, Jerome, explained with a long speech how he made it to act like bisexual and shared how his lover in the movie Ashton Sanders became his real-life brother and homie. 

Both the interviewer’s question and Jharrel’s answer indicated that Jharrel Jerome’s sexuality is straight. 

How Did Jharrel Jerome Gay Rumors Spark? 

In 2016 the Moonlight movie by the American actor Jerome was released. The movie reached millions of people and it helped the “For Real” rapper to get an Emmy award. 

The movie story was outstanding but it was Jerome’s acting that added more interest to the film. He acted as a queer and it was so realistic. His natural acting gave him praise and also put him in trouble. 

His followers and haters started to think him gay. That’s how the gay stories about this actor were made.

Final Words 

Jharrel began his career as a musician. Slowly he became an actor too. He did multiple movies. In Jerome’s movie Moonlight, he played the role of Kevin who is a bisexual person. 

This led everyone to question if Jharrel Jerome was gay. He is most probably not gay. The singer may not have disclosed his sexual orientation openly but he did share some information that helped us assume the actor is heterosexual. 

As he called his gay lover from movie actor Ashton his brother in real life in an interview, it leaves no room for us to doubt him as homosexual or bisexual.

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