Is Joe Jonas Gay Or Bisexual? What's His Sexuality?

All the members of the Jonas Brothers are often subjected to questioning regarding their sexuality.

It has been five years since their sexuality was under debate, just like with many boy bands. For instance, there is no week where someone does not mention that Harry Styles is gay. 

Is Joe Jonas Gay? Is Joe Jonas bisexual? what's his sexual orientation?
Joe Jonas by Captureitrememberit2 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But his difference from the members of the Jonas Brothers is that he does not mind those rumors.

Although they pretend that they are alright, they wish that those kinds of rumors do not exist in the Jonas Brothers’ case. The artist’s most common question: Is Joe Jonas gay or bisexual? What’s his sexuality?

Today, we will address those questions. Read more and find out the answers!

Is Joe Jonas Gay?

Although all the members of the Jonas Brothers are accused of being gay, most rumors are directed at Joe. He admitted that they had many gay fans and friends when he was asked.

So people also assume that they are gay since it is a stereotype among boy bands, but they are not taking offense. 

Is Joe Jonas Gay? what's his sexuality?
Joe Jonas By Paige’s Concerts Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

He is trying to say that people assume that he is gay since he is a member of a boy band. But this might not be the case. Joe Jonas gay rumors are due to the fact that his ex-girlfriend has admitted to this.

What Is Joe Jonas Sexuality?

The singer is aware that many people think that he is gay and that it’s okay for him. He had told in one interview that there is nothing wrong with being gay, but he is not one.

For the upcoming album of his band DNCE, he has agreed to the interview and talked about his thoughts regarding his sexuality rumors.

What Is Joe Jonas Sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
Joe Jonas By Christopher Simon Licensed Under CC BY-SA 4.0

The singer said that he has no issue with the sexual rumors. In fact, he thinks of them as a compliment. After all, you cannot stop people from creating a story just about anything they want, so artists like him should learn to be okay with it and just laugh it out.

Is Joe Jonas Bisexual?

The middle brother is not even surprised about those speculations. Perhaps, it is because he loves fashion. He loves dressing well.

Plus, he has a lot of gay friends, so it is inevitable for people to speculate about him being bisexual or even gay.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Joe Jonas gay or bisexual? Now, you know that he is neither gay nor bisexual. He is a straight man and is now married to his wife, Sophie Turner.

His brothers are subjected to sexual rumors, but they do not mind them. No one among them had admitted to it. They would just shrug off the issue as usual or just answer it in a fun way. 

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