Is John Legend Asian? What's John Legend's Nationality?

The musical phenomenon, John Legend, is known for his extraordinary voice. Together with his wife Chrissy Teigen, they also make a power couple.

Their lives are often publicly displayed on social media, which is often hilarious. Fans are not only adorning the star for his voice but for having a lovely family as well. 

Is John Legend Asian? What's his nationality?
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Let us dig a bit deeper into the background of the star. His history is rooted in America, and he has quite a fascinating story. With such a great story of rising to fame, the star becomes more powerful and influential. 

Want to know the story? Keep reading and find out what’s John Legend’s nationality. 

Is John Legend Asian?

No, the distinguished celebrity is not Asian. Both of his parents are African American. Below we will talk more about his genetic makeup.

What’s John Legend’s Nationality?

It was determined in the series called Finding Your Roots that the genetic makeup of John Legend is 64 percent African, 32 percent European, and 4 percent Native American. Again, he does not have Asian roots. 

What's John Legend's Nationality? Is he From Asia?
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What Is John Legend’s Ethnicity?

Both parents of the international superstardom are African American. In a television show, the singer revealed to the public his ancestral history. In that particular show, the researchers have traced the history of the singer.

They traced back to his great-great-grandfather, Peyton Polly, who was born into slavery but was eventually freed by his master from slavery. 

But when Polly was already living freely with his family in Ohio, his two children were kidnapped and sold to become enslaved. Even the two children were separated. One was brought to Virginia, while the other was brought to Kentucky.

He asked for the help of the authorities so that he could get his children back. But with the involvement of the governor of Ohio, tension has started, and this has been one of the reasons that fueled the Civil War ten years later. 

A close look at John Legend's Ethnicity? See the details.
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Kentucky released the children kidnapped and sold in their state, so Polly has reunited with his one child. However, Virginia did not release the children that were held as enslaved people. Those kids remain captive in their state until the end of the Civil War.

The fight of Polly to reunite his family is the representation of the battles happening in the country as well as the troubled legacy of American history. 

This story has caused both heartbreak and fascination to everyone watching the show. People appreciated the singer more due to his ancestral ties. He deserves to rise to fame, and this is a part of the complications of being an American. 

It’s A Wrap!

To sum up, John Legend is not an Asian. He is an African American with fascinating ancestral roots and stories that has touched many lives. This has made the singer famous not only due to his voice but because of his background.

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