Is John Mayer Jewish? Which Religion Does He Follow?

We know John Mayer as one of the most successful singers, guitarists, and songwriters. The singer is exposed to the different music styles, from blues to rock to folk.

Is John Mayer Jewish? What's his religious belief?
John Mayer by JD Lasica licensed under CC BY 2.0

He is from Connecticut, originally. At 13, the singing icon had already learned to play the guitar. This has significantly helped him to get a record deal. In 2003, the star took home his very first Grammy Award. 

However, besides his music, the fans were also curious about his personal life. Even his religion is a subject of interest for some. Many are even asking: Is John Mayer Jewish? Which religion does he follow? 

When you listen to his music, you can hear that the singer is in search of God. This may or may not be intentional, but many people interpret it this way. With that, let us learn about his religious Belief below. 

Which Religion Does He Follow?

The music artist came from a home with two religions - he is somewhere between a Christian and a Jewish.

However, the artist seems to prefer Judaism. The music icon would usually say that he is half Jewish and not mention his other religion. 

Is John Mayer Jewish?

Yes, the recording artist is half Jewish.

It is from his father’s side. However, based on the Judaism orthodox, one will only be Jewish if he got it from his mother’s side.

So him being a Jewish does not count for some. However, he is firm when he says that he is 92 percent Jewish. He further said that he could relate more to Judaism. 

Which religion does  John Mayer follow? Is he Jewish?
John Mayer by Thatcommonkid licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

One of his best friends is of the same religion. He was the most Jewish person he knew, and often, the singer would go to his house. This is where he trained in Krav Maga. He did it with many Israelis. 

Is John Mayer Religious?

We are certain that the singer has issues when it comes to his concept of faith. Try listening to his song entitled Belief. The lyric says that we will not ever win over the world, and war will not stop. 

We think that if there is one thing that is missing in the life of the international and multi-talented star is God. He is attractive, successful, and wealthy. His family and relationships are all going well. Plus, he has a huge fan base that supports his music. 

What's  John Mayer's religion?
John Mayer by Christina licensed under CC BY 2.0

Nevertheless, all of those are material. Something like those cannot fill his spiritual void. We assume that the singer is aware of this because it can be heard in some of his songs. It delivers a message that reads like that. 

It’s A Wrap!

Is John Mayer Jewish? You already know that a Christian and Jewish family raised him. However, the singer does not seem to be devoted to either religion; he simply favors Judaism over Christianity. 

In both his thoughts and words, the Grammy-winning singer appears uncertain. Nevertheless, he is open and recognizes the idea of having God. As of now, he might not be religious, but he is very willing to listen and explore. 

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