Is Keanu Reeves Gay? What's his Sexual Orientation?

Ever thought about why Keanu Reeves hasn’t gotten married? If you’ve questioned this to yourself and got an answer like he could be gay, then let us put a full stop right there. 

The ‘Point Break’ actor indeed admitted to not getting married in his life, but this doesn’t define his sexuality.

What's Keanu Reeves sexuality? Is he gay?
Keanu Reeves by Anna Hanks licensed under CC BY 2.0

We need to know his sexual interests to determine his gender orientation because Reeves didn’t label his sexuality. 

In this article, you will know Keanu Reeves is straight and the false gay rumors about him. Also, you will learn why the actor decided never to marry. So let’s jump into the facts regarding his love life and sexual orientation. 

Keanu Reeves’s Unmarried Life Is The Reason Why The Gay Rumors About Him Aren’t Fading Away

Keanu Reeves’s sexuality has been a massive question since the day he acted as gay in one of his movies, ‘My Own Private Idaho.’ Moreover, he likes to keep his life a secret which also fuels rumors about his sexuality. 

When he was publicly in a relationship with his public partner from the past, Jennifer Syme, the public stopped the sexuality gossip for a short period until Reeves said he would not get married ever in his life. 

This left his supporters in shock and encouraged them to think of him as gay again. He is still not married at present. But before you judge his sexual label, you should look at why he is not marrying and if Keanu Reeves is gay. 

Why Keanu Reeves is Unmarried

Keanu Reeves had quite a harsh life regarding planning to marry or have a family. When in 1998, he entered a relationship with his ex Syme, the actor was thrilled. The couple had such a perfect life that they even became parents. 

What Keanu Reeves Said when he was asked about his sexuality?
Keanu Reeves by Anna Hanks licensed under CC BY 2.0

However, here comes the tragedy. When Keanu Reeves was planning secretly to marry Syme and give her only daughter a beautiful life, the shocking news hit him that his child died at birth. This incident broke his heart and ruined his affair with Jennifer. The couple broke up. 

After the breakup, Syme was mentally broken, and she reportedly took medicines for depression and anxiety. She died in a terrific car accident, and Reeves got to know she was damaged so severely.

This made him go through more shocks. In many interviews, he expressed how his past still haunts him. 

The ‘Knock Knock’ actor can’t stand those memories, which stops him from turning a relationship into marriage. 

Keanu Reeves Sexuality

Although there’s no interview on the internet where Keanu Reeves revealed his sexuality, we need to understand it by looking at his real-life dating partner. The actor of ‘Speed’ has always picked women to live romantic lives with. 

He was once in an open relationship with Jennifer Syme, who was female and even became the biological father of one child who died without seeing the world.

A close look at Keanu Reeves Sexuality. Let's see whether he's gay or not.
Keanu Reeves by Governo do Estado de São Paulo licensed under CC BY 2.0

After her tragic death, Reeves took a break from love for a long time until he found his present love of life, Alexandra Grant. 

The two have been dating since 2018. It’s been four years of their happy love life, and his true fans are excited to see the duo enjoying dating. They were captured dating in June.

Whenever it came to dates, Keanu always chose women only, which helps us understand that Keanu Reeves is a straight person. 

Final Words

Keanu Reeves has been dominating the film industry for decades. In this long journey, he did many things that made his supporters and haters question his sexual orientation. 

He did a gay movie, declared not to get married, and stayed single for a long time. All these represented him as homosexual, while Keanu Reeves is straight. 

Although he never married anyone, he openly dated Jennifer Syme and is currently dating Alexandra Grant. 

He always picked women to make his partner and also became the biological parent of his only daughter, who died right after her birth, and these are what prove him a heterosexual. 

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