Is Kelly Clarkson Related to Jeremy Clarkson?

Since the two personalities share the same last name, it has invited plenty of speculations regarding their relationship. People would usually ask: Is Kelly Clarkson related to Jeremy Clarkson? 

Is Kelly Clarkson Related to Jeremy Clarkson?
Kelly Clarkson By vagueonthehow Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Are you interested to find out? Then, better keep reading. We will also tell you about the successes and fame of each of them. 

Let us get started with Kelly Clarkson…

Who is Kelly Clarkson?

You must have heard one of her songs already. Kelly Clarkson is a singer-songwriter who won American Idol last 2002. This has been the start of her booming career. She has been America’s sweetheart. Her ballads that are full of emotions are the one that has elevated her success to great heights.

Since then, the international superstardom has released 8 albums and won 3 Grammy Awards. Later on, she became one of the judges in the reality TV show entitled The Voice.

Aside from her musical career, she also has written children’s books and has been behind the voice of some characters in children’s animation. Recently, she transitioned into talk show hosting.

Who is Jeremy Clarkson?

Jeremy Clarkson

is also a celebrity but of an entirely different kind. He became famous and successful as a motoring broadcaster and author. Jeremy is also frequently controversial. In 2020, he took home the GQ Car Awards, a lifetime achievement for anyone.

Who is Jeremy Clarkson? Let's know about him.
Jeremy Clarkson by Tony Harrison licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The beginning of his career was mainly attributed to his passion for writing. It is something he does that gives him real joy. Now, he is a journalist writing weekly columns for various British newspapers.

When he was just starting out, he had a conversation with a researcher of car series, Jon Bentley. Coincidentally, Jon is in need of an aspiring motoring writer who can make cars sound fun.

Jeremy has been co-presenting for 25 long years before he was able to form his own company. His company produced The Grand Tour, which has been given credit for a significant sum of subscribers brought into the platform of Amazon Prime.

Now are the two related? Well, not by blood or marriage. Kelly Clarkson is an American who sings and writes songs. At the same time, Jeremy Clarkson is an English TV personality and an author.

Is Kelly Clarkson Related to Jeremy Clarkson? how they are connected?
Kelly Clarkson By vagueonthehow Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Although they have the same nickname, they are not related in any kind. The only connection they got is the similarities in some aspects of their professional jobs. 

It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, what we provide above is enough to answer the question: is Kelly Clarkson related to Jeremy Clarkson?

It would be interesting if the car enthusiast and pop princess connected. However, their relationship does not go beyond sharing the same last name. 

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