Is Kendrick Lamar Christian? Which Religion Does He Follow?

Have you heard the song “Faith” by Kendrick Lamar? It’s astonishing how the rapper tried to make everyone understand that Jesus is always testing people through calamities not to punish them but to know whose faith is true. 

Everything about Kendrick Lamar's religious belief.
Kendrick Lamar by Batiste Safont licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

This may make you think that Kendrick Lamar could be a Christian. You are correct. It’s obvious for Lamar’s supporters to find out his religious faith easily.

But there are several stories behind his faith in Christianity. Want to know? Continue reading till the end. 

Is Kendrick Lamar Christian? 

In various interviews from the past Kendricks admitted that he believes in Jesus as his God and he always tries to become a better person. 

He even called himself a saint and said his music reflects his life. Sadly, if we see his music videos we will only find disobedience to Jesus. 

He does everything that Jesus has prohibited for Christians. Maybe the star does not follow the rules Christianity strictly, however he will not let his faith go away.

Besides, in one of Lamar’s songs he explained how he gained belief in Jesus and why everyone should keep believing in him no matter how much he tests them. 

We will know what the “DAMN” singer said about his faith long ago. He said to the interviewer,

“The question was why do I put spirituality in my music? Really, truthfully you know it comes from me as a person, somebody that was always inquisitive on life. 

I’m inquisitive on God and Jesus himself, always trying to figure out and just become a better person. I’m actually saying I’m an actual saint, but this is me, this is who I am and people are scared of that and sometimes the industry was scared of that for a long time. 

But I couldn’t stray away from that. This is how I think on a daily basis and my music reflects my actual life.” [Source YouTube

This clearly proves Kendrick Lamar is Christian and has faith in Christianity.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Faith’ Song Hints at His Strong Believe in Christianity 

‘Faith’ song is another evidence of Lamar believing in Christianity. His Lyrics reflected how unbreakable his trust is in Jesus. These are the lyrics of his song Faith where he clearly said how he lost his faith on Jesus and again gained it back, 

“I said alright, enthused that my Lord gave a listen

I opened my Bible in search to be a better Christian 

And this from a person that never believed religion

But s*** my life is so f***** up, man I can’t get help but give in

I’m giving testimonies to strangers that I never met

I hopped on the pulpit and told them how I was truly based 

Feel like I am free from all my sins when the service was over

Walked out the church , then got a call that my homie was murdered

And lost my faith again

...I’d rather not live like there isn’t a God than diet and find out there really is to think about it.” 

Final Words

Unlike most other rappers, Kendrick Lamar adds spiritual meanings to his songs. While some of his songs are like general raps, some are extraordinary. Especially his rap songs that included Jesus. It seems he loves Jesus and wants others to love him. 

He was even once asked why he puts spirituality into his music and his answer was astonishing. His words reflected his undeniable faith in Christianity. Yes, the rapper is Christian. He may not be a strict follower but of course a serious believer of Jesus. 

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