Is Kenny Chesney Gay? What Did Kenny's Ex-wife Say About His Sexuality?

Kenny Chesney is one of the best country song singers. Throughout his life until now, Kenny was not only praised for his excellence in singing but was also criticized for things that were never true. 

Maybe you can guess that we are talking about Kenny Chesney’s sexual confusion in 2005. It was a hard time for the singer as he wanted to ignore things but couldn’t avoid for long for being poorly criticized. 

Is Kenny Chesney Gay? What's his sexual orientation?
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His marriage annulment with ex-wife and actress Renée Zellweger was the reason for all the misunderstanding. Today we will discuss how Kenny Chesney was considered gay while being a straight man and what he and Renée said about his gender orientation.

Kenny Chesney Was Misunderstood As Gay in 2005 

Just like most other celebrities, Kenny Chesney never bothered to label his sexuality. It played a significant role in portraying him as homosexual when he and his wife decided to annul their marriage. However, things didn’t go the way the couple thought. 

Since they didn’t go for divorce but annulment, it made others think Chesney was not straight but gay, so their marriage wasn’t legal. Chesney may have hidden his actual sexuality from his ex-wife Zellweger, and so she accused him of fraud. 

No one knew that it was a mutual decision taken by the couple and not Zellweger alone. Kenny kept quiet about the rumors for a long time, but even after his split with his wife, the gossip didn’t vanish, so he decided to clear up things with an interview with 60 minutes.

Kenny Chesney Said He Was Silent About Rumors Because He Knew He Wasn’t Gay

Kenny Chesney made a brave step, although he was a little late. The singer explained the entire thing with the 60 minutes, and here’s what he said, “Maybe I should have come out and said, ‘No, I’m not [gay],’ but I didn’t want to draw any more attention to it… I didn’t have to prove to anybody that I wasn’t [gay]. I didn’t feel like I really did. It’s not true, period.”

The interview then asked the “Don’t Blink” singer why the couple showed ‘fraud’ as the reason for annulment? Kenny replied, “Well, I mean, we thought that at least harmful was a fraud because it is kind of a broad whatever it is. It doesn’t specify.” 

So the duo chose ‘fraud’ for annulment because other reasons were harmful. If the couple went for other reasons, they might have gotten into issues later. 

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On the other hand, ‘fraud’ doesn’t specify something, so it didn’t cost them legal issues. So, Kenny Chesney is, of course, not gay. It was the media that made an assumption. 

Kenny Chesney’s Ex-Wife Said The Term “Fraud” Has Nothing to Do With His Sexuality 

Not only Kenny but Renée was also asked several times by the media why the couple picked “fraud” for the annulment. Luckily Renée opened up about it, and according to the People magazine.

She said the word ‘fraud’ has nothing to do with Kenny Chesney’s sexuality. She used it because it’s just another legal word. 

Final Words

Kenny Chesney is an excellent singer with a captivating personality. Before splitting with his wife, only a few people thought he could be gay.

Still, after the news of the marriage annulment of Kenny Chesney and Renée Zellweger spread, many people misunderstood his sexuality. 

Even newspapers had his photo on with the caption that he is gay. He began to have issues in 2005 but finally addressed the rumors in 2007.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Chesney not even mentioned himself as straight but also shared the reason for not splitting through divorce but an annulment.

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