Is It Rumor or True that kid Cudi Is Gay? Here’s the Truth

The “Stars In The Sky” singer knows how to shock the media, including his followers. Generally, people are curious about celebrities’ sexuality; instead of labeling Cudi’s gender, he puts the world. 

While the rapper has a daughter and has had many girlfriends in the past, why did he wear a white wearing gown at the 2021 CFDA fashion awards? Why was he walking around holding men’s designer’s hands? In this article. 

Is It Rumor or True that kid Cudi Is Gay?
kid Cudi by J. Rivera licensed under CC BY 2.0

You will get all these questions answered. We will also help understand the actual sexuality of the great rapper Kid Cudi. 

How Kid Cudi’s Gay Rumor Was Fueled

Is Kid Cudi gay? This question was one of the most asked questions in 2021 after he was spotted wearing a wedding gown at the 2021 CFDA fashion awards show. 

This wasn’t the only reason that made him and the situation weird; he also was holding the hands of two male fashion designers, Lennox and Eli Russell, who designed his costume. 

It made things seem like he had come out of the closet. However, he was misunderstood. Cudi isn’t the first male celebrity who wore a female dress or wedding gown—other famous stars, including Dennis Rodman and Kurt Cobain. 

Kid Cudi also Tweeted about it and said that Kurt Cobain inspired him to do what he did. Although, famous media personalities gave different opinions on that. Adam22 was asked what he thought about kid cudi’s wearing a wedding dress and holding guys’ hands at the CDFA fashion show. 

He replied, “If you’re really gay then that’s cool.” The interviewer asked, “Do you think he is gay?” Adam22 answered, “Well I don’t know, why the hell are you holding hands with dudes? I don’t get it. 

It’s just weird to me. If you’re really doing that for attention, then I don’t really respect that. He’s not gay, right?” The interviewer replied to Adam22, “He has a kid. He’s trying to flare shits up.” 

How Kid Cudi's Gay Rumor Was Fueled? Let's see.
kid Cudi by J. Rivera licensed under CC BY 2.0

We also think Kid Cudi isn’t gay and was trying to get noticed by everyone once again since he wasn’t in the headlines with a song for years. Next, we will analyze his sexual orientation by looking at his sexual interests. 

Kid Cudi’s Sexuality Analysis 

Kid Cudi’s personal life reflects his gender orientation. The singer was linked to many women romantically in the past.

He even became the biological father of his only daughter Vada Wamwene Mescudi whose biological mother is Cudi’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Munyasya. 

In the past, he was linked with Jamie Baratta, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mariel Haen, Amanda Bynes, and Stella Maeve. His last girlfriend was Raquel Deriane.

But after breaking up with her, “The Scotts”

singer declared himself single and told the media about his interest in having another girlfriend.

He said to Esquire, “I want a girlfriend,” the “Stars in the Sky” rapper said in an interview with Esquire. “I need to be with somebody. Most people would think I enjoy being single because I’m single a lot. 

But I’m a relationship man. My goal is to find someone. Soon, hopefully. And get married and have more kids.” Kid Cudi’s wants and sexual interests hint that he is straight. 

Final Words

Kid Cudi is an excellent rapper from America. However, unlike most other rappers, his perceptions are different, and so is his taste in fashion. The rapper was not only criticized but also thought to be gay. 

Luckily the misconceptions regarding his sexual orientation were removed after carefully analyzing his love life. Kid Cudi is not gay, but a rapper who likes to wear different clothing or wants the attention of his fans, as other celebrities said. 

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