Is Leslie Jones Gay? A Close Look at Leslie Jones' Sexuality

There is no denying that Leslie Jones is one of the 21st century’s best comedians. But there is something about her that most people deny, that she is straight. A lot of people think Leslie Jones could be gay. 

Is Leslie Jones Gay? Everything about her sexual orientation.
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But the brave comedian addressed this many times through her interviews and Twitter posts. Today we will look at that evidence so that confusion regarding Leslie Jones’s sexuality goes away from you completely. 

Leslie Jones is Misunderstood as Gay for Several 3 Big Reasons

Gay rumors seem not to leave the Saturday Night Live comedian. While she never declared to have a girlfriend, it didn’t help her stop homosexual gossip. 

Before we tell you why she has been considered gay by a group of people, let us inform you that Leslie Jones is straight and admitted it in various interviews. 

Leslie Jones’s Failure to Keeping Her Boyfriends

It’s sad when a star can’t keep their relationship. People keep judging them for not being the one who is married and having kids with their lovers. This happened with Leslie Jones, also. 

The comedian tried her best to keep her boyfriends, but no one stayed with her for long. In one interview with SNL, she revealed that her relationships couldn’t stay longer than a month. 

Then she shared a picture of her first boyfriend and their date. She was pretty sad when saying she doesn’t fit into men’s lives well. Love is probably not for her, and it’s enough to keep hurting a person, so we must not judge her sexuality for not having a boyfriend. 

Leslie Jones’s Closeness With Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon is the first gay comedian in SNL. She is an open gay. She and Leslie are too close. They often take pictures in a way that seems like they are a couple. 

Leslie Jones's Closeness With Kate McKinnon.
Kate McKinnon by ColliderVideo licensed under CC BY 3.0

One picture went viral where Jones hugged Kate and showed a kiss with her lips towards her. That one image ruined her reputation enough. 

Most of her fans thought she and Kate McKinnon were dating. But there is no confirmation from any of the celebrities. Besides, the Just for Laughs performer has always shown sexual interest in men. 

Leslie Jones’s Boyish Appearance

This is also another huge reason why people consider her gay. Most of the time, Leslie wears manly outfits. She also doesn’t let her hair grow and keeps it as boys do. Such an appearance makes her look like a woman who came out as a lesbian. 

The ‘Ghostbusters actress knows it, yet she doesn’t change her appearance. She likes to stay the way she is right now. It most probably makes her feel strong. There are many women out there who are straight but aren’t girly enough; Leslie Jones is one such female. 

Leslie Jones is Straight

There’s no doubt that Leslie Jones is straight because he showed interest in having boyfriends and s*x several times on her Twitter account.

She also expressed this truth in several interviews. Five years ago, when Conan took Leslie Jones’ interview, she was asked about a statement she gave in the past. 

Conan asked, “You said once you thought that you might have better luck if you were gay. Is that true?” Leslie Jones replied, “Yes if I was gay I’d be crushing bro. I would have so many women, and I would be a pimp; I am not gonna even lie.” 

In 2015 she posted on Twitter, “Ok, decided I will have a boyfriend. That’s big for me cause I don’t like to court (old country term) I’m a booty call type of girl…” 

She also posted a picture with John Mayer in 2016 and captioned it, “He said he had s r gonna write a song about me. I think he should have sex with me instead; am I wrong?” 

All her activities regarding love and s*x shows her interest in men, and it’s because she is straight. So there should be no more confusion about Leslie Jones’s sexuality. 

Final Words

Leslie Jones is a brave woman. She not only lives the life she loves to live but also protects herself from getting hurt and unwanted rumors.

While people like to believe her to be gay, she keeps posting things that directly show us that she is straight. 

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