Is Leslie Jones and Grace Jones Related? 

Leslie Jones is a comedian, and Grace Jones is a model. They have the same surname ‘Jones.’ So does that mean Leslie Jones and Grace Jones are related? 

No, Leslie Jones and Grace Jones are not related. While Leslie Jones is American, Grace Jones is Jamaican. Besides, their lifestyles and life stories have nothing similar. 

Is Leslie Jones and Grace Jones Related? Let's know more about Leslie Jones and her family.
Leslie Jones by slgckgc licensed under CC BY 2.0

In this article, we shared details about these two celebrities’ families, careers, and other essential points that will help you understand that they are unrelated. So, ensure to read the entire article to know them better. 

Is Leslie Jones and Grace Jones Related? 

Leslie Jones and Grace Jones have similar surnames. This made many questions Are Leslie Jones and Grace Jones Related? To understand whether they are related, we need to check the actresses’ details and family backgrounds. 

Leslie Jones Details 

Leslie Jones is an American. She was born on 7th September 1967. She developed a successful career by becoming one of the most prominent female comedians of the 21st century. 

She reached the peak of success in her career by performing on the Saturday Night Live show. The actress is now a host of Supermarket Sweep. 

Leslie Jones Parents

Leslie Jones is the first child of her parents. Her father used to work for the United States Army. Later he joined as an electronics engineer at KJLH, the radio station of Stevie Wonder. 

There is no verified information about Leslie Jones’ mother. However, the actress once posted pictures on her verified Twitter account saying she always thinks of her mother and misses her. 

Leslie Jones Siblings

Life is pretty harsh on this comedian, as her only sibling died long ago. She had a brother who was four years younger than her. His name was Rodney Keith Jones. He saw the light for the first time in 1971 and closed his eyes forever in 2009. 

Leslie Jones Partners

Leslie Jones is not married. She is also not in any relationship at present. She had several relationships in the past but couldn’t keep the relationship going. She has been single for an extended period. 

Grace Jones Details

Grace Jones is Jamaican. She is mainly a model. She also does acting and singing. She drew her first breath on 19th May 1948. Her family shifted to New York City, United States, in her teenage years. 

Is Leslie Jones and Grace Jones Related? Let's know more about Grace Jones and her family.
Grace Jones by Bruce licensed under CC BY 2.0

Grace Jones Parents

Grace Jones’ mother is Marjorie Jones, who was prominent in the Bloodlight and Bami documentary.

Her family welcomed her on 26th December 1929, and she died on 2nd October 2017. Grace Jones’ father was Robert W. Jones. His career, life, and other information have been kept secret. 

Grace Jones Siblings

One of Grace’s siblings became popular like her, who is famously known as Noel Jones. He is two years younger than Grace and is a Jamaican-American minister.

Another brother of hers is Chris Jones. Unfortunately, there is no data available on him on the internet. 

Grace Jones Partners

Grace Jones had one spouse. He was a Turkish model who came from a Muslim background. His name is Atila Altaunbay. He is also a bodyguard and singer. 

Grace Jones Children

Grace Jones has one son. He is Paulo Goude. However, she became the mother of his only child with his boyfriend from the past, Jean Paulo Goude. He is a well-known french photographer, film director, illustrator, event designer, and graphic designer. 

It’s now easier to understand that Leslie Jones and Grace Jones are unrelated. Their career, nationality, and family are different. Also, Leslie Jones has no partner or child, but Grace Jones is the mother of a son and was married to a Turkish model. 

They are not the only celebrities with similar last names; more stars like them share the same name but have no relationships. 

Final Words

Both Leslie Jones and Grace Jones are celebrities in America. They also have a similar last name, ‘Jones, ’ for which some of their followers confuse them as family members.

However, that’s not true. Leslie Jones and Grace Jones are not related by blood. They have everything different except that last name.

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