Is Liam Payne Related To Bailey Payne And Ethan Payne?

Liam Payne is a renowned name in the music industry. His career started when he auditioned for The X factor. He rose to prominence as a member of the boy band, One Direction.

The band was considered one of the best-selling groups of all time. Now that they have chosen to disband, he is pursuing his solo career as a singer and songwriter. 

Is Liam Payne Related To Bailey Payne And Ethan Payne? How are they related?
Liam Payne by vagueonthehow licensed under CC BY 2.0

The talent of the singer is extraordinary and unique. But there is one thing about him that has similarities with many people – his last name. We are often asked: Is Liam Payne related to Bailey Payne and Ethan Payne. 

Since they have the same last names, people would naturally wonder whether or not they are related. So if you are also curious to find out, you know what to do. Scroll down!

Who Is Bailey Payne?

He is an athlete who has become a professional in tricking. This sport is considered a form of elite acrobatics mixed with martial arts. Bailey was inspired to pursue this sport after witnessing a guy making a gainer flash at the gym.

As he competes in tricking, he works at a cheerleading gym called ACX. This is where he has coached tumbling and cheerleading classes. 

Who Is Ethan Payne?

He is a commentator on comedic video games on YouTube. He published videos that feature games from Grand Theft Auto to FIFA on his YouTube channels which he named Beh2inga and Benzinga. Over those two channels, the commentator has more than four million subscribers in total.

Ethan is a member of the gaming crew on YouTube called the Ultimate Sideman. He has also expressed his interest in studying gaming design.

No, the famous singer is not related to any of them. Most thought they were brothers because they had the same last names, but they were not. The avid fans of the singer know that he has no brothers.

His siblings are all women, Ruth Gibbins and Nicola Payne. Bailey has a brother, but it’s not that noted singer. His name is Jack. He also has a sister whose name is Hannah.

How Liam Payne Related To Bailey Payne And Ethan Payne? Let's know in detail.
Liam Payne by Eva Rinaldi  licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Furthermore, the three Payne came from different parts of the world. The international singing star is from the United Kingdom, the tricking professional is from Columbia, South Carolina, while the video game commentator is from London, England.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Liam Payne related to Bailey Payne and Ethan Payne? You already know the answer to this question. Other than having the same last names, the three men are not related.

We doubt they have known each other personally. But since they are pretty famous in their fields, perhaps, they have already heard of each other’s names and thought, “We got the same last names.”

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