Is Lily Collins British? What's Her Ethnicity?

Lily Collins is not an American, yet she is more prevalent in America. It’s because she mainly worked in American films and series.

Naturally, every fan wants to know which ethnicity their beloved actress Lily Collins is. Today we will share that information with you. 

Let's have a close look at Lily Collins' nationality and Ethnicity.
Lily Collins by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Lily Collins was welcomed by her English-German mother, Jill Travelman, and her father, Phill Collins who is English. She was born in the United Kingdom, so her ethnicity is British. 

However, her maternal grandmother was German, and her grandfather was of Russian Jewish descent. So she is actually English-German and Russian. Here we have explained why Lily Collins is a mixture of three ethnicities. So keep reading to know in detail. 

Is Lily Collins British? 

If you’ve only seen Lily’s American movies and series, you would not want to believe that Collins is not an American. It’s true; she is famously known for being an American actress to many people. But her nationality is different. 

The charming actress was born in England. Her birth place is Westminster, London, United Kingdom. Hence, Lily Collins is British by birth.

Is Lily Collins British? What's her nationality?
Lily Collins by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

But there’s an interesting fact here, Collins is British-born but is not purely English as her maternal families belong to other countries. 

What’s Lily Collins’s Ethnicity? 

Lily Collins’s Ethnicity is a mixture of English, German and Russian. According to the media, she is considered 75% English and German and 25% Russian. The famous drummer Phill Collins is the father of the ‘Love, Rosie’ actress. 

Phill Collins is English by birth, but his ex-wife, Lily Collins’s mother, Jill Travelman, is of English, Russian and German descent. While Jill’s father was Russian-Jewish, her mother was both English and German.

What's Lily Collins's Ethnicity? 
Lily Collins by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Hence, your favorite celebrity Lily Collins is also British, Russian, and German. However, a person’s ethnicity is considered the country where they are born, so Lily Collins’s ethnicity is British. 

Final Words

Lily Collins has confused many of her fans regarding her ethnicity since she now uses an American accent. So is Lily Collins British? Yes, Lily Collins is British, yet her race is doubted because the actress is more fluent in the American accent than the English accent. 

However, she is not a pure English speaker since her maternal grandfather was Jewish from Russia and her grandmother was British and German. As she is the descendant of three descendants, we can say Lily Collins is 75% English, German, and 25% Russian Jewish.

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