Is Lily Collins Gay? A Close Look At Her Sexuality

Is Lily Collins gay? If you’re searching for the truth, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will discover Lily Collins’s sexuality. The young actress became a global celebrity after acting in the prominent series ‘Emily in Paris.’ 

With her raised popularity, Collins began to get questioned on several personal matters, including her sexual orientation, especially after the day she joined the pride gay party. 

What did Lily Collins say about her sexuality? let's know.
Lily Collins by We Day, Free The Children licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Lily Collins is not gay but straight. She had dated many men in the past and is now married to Charlie McDowell, who was her final boyfriend. The duo got married in September 2021. 

Here’s a long explanation of why she was thought to be gay in 2015 and how Lily dismissed the homosexuality rumors about her. 

Is Lily Collins Gay?!

If you doubt Lily’s sexuality, you might have seen her join the Gay Pride Parade in June 2015. 

The actress was wearing rainbow socks and Denim cutoffs and took several pictures in various poses. She looked happy, and her T-shirt had positive things written. 

Since that day, Lily’s sexuality has become a massive question to her followers. Her male and female fans thought she might have come out of the closet. But the truth is something else. 

Lily Collins is not gay

, as per the trustable sources. The actress joined the gay party on 14th June 2015 only to support the gay community as many other straight artists do. 

Is Lily Collins Gay?! what's her sexual orientation?
Lily Collins by Montclair Film licensed under CC BY 2.0

Until now, there has been no verification of the claims of assumptions of Lily Collins being gay. Also, she didn’t post such news on her office’s social media platforms. 

Besides, the actress is now married to a talented man. Next, we’ll discuss her marriage to find out if she is doing great with her husband, like most other straight ladies. 

Lily Collins Got Married to Charlie McDowell: Dismissed Gay Rumors

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell were a couple before getting married. When the duo met for the first time, they instantly fell in love. Reports say their love journey started in 2019. They have a strong bond. After dating for one year, they got engaged in 2020. 

The following year in 2021, they married on 4th September in Colorado. The actress posted a photo of her marriage day on Instagram, posting the caption, “Never been happier.” It’s been over a year, and they are still a happy couple. 

Lily Collins Got Married to Charlie McDowell in 2021.
Charlie McDowell by Daniel Benavides licensed under CC BY 2.0

If Lily Collins were gay, she wouldn’t choose a man to make her partner for life. After her marriage, the gay rumors regarding her sexuality slowly faded away. 

Final Words

Never get excited if someone tells you your favorite actor or actress is homosexual. Because every artist is thought to be gay by some people, they try to establish that lie as a truth. Thankfully we have got your back. 

Lily Collins has been called gay since 2015 as she was seen enjoying the party of the gay pride parade in Los Angeles. Her appearance shows she completely supports homosexuality. People thought she might finally come out. 

However, she went there to show her support to the community. In reality, she is straight. The “Mirror Mirror” actress was involved with many men in the past and finally became the wife of her last boyfriend, Charlie McDowell.

They share a beautiful life. The couple doesn’t have kids, but they have a puppy they care for, like their own baby.

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