Is Lily Collins Vegan? Look at Her Diet Plans and Food Habit

Lily Collins is pure beauty, and no one can deny that. She looks that appealing mainly for her slim body. She didn’t get that zero figure quickly. The actress had to go through a lot and finally reach her desired body shape. 

You must be wondering what keeps the actress so slim and perfect. Is Lily Collins Vegan? What are her diet plan and food habit? 

let's see Lily Collins' diet plan and food habits.
Lily Collins by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Lily Collins doesn’t follow a specific diet plan. She consumes every kind of healthy food and ensures to eat with balance. She consumes protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals through her everyday food intake. 

Here’s more you should know about what the actress usually picks as her meals. 

Is Lily Collins Vegan? 

Lily Collins is not vegan. She tries all types of healthy food. Instead of calling herself a vegetarian or vegan, she calls herself a clean eater.

Below we added things Lily Collins revealed she takes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. 

What Does Lily Collins Have for Breakfast? 

Lily Collins sticks to a balanced diet plan. In order to ensure she never gains unwanted weight, the actress drinks a glass of water on an empty stomach with lemon.

Because it saves her from bloating, removes any additional fat, boosts her immune system, and enhances digestion. 

A few minutes later, she eats oatmeal with her favorite fruits. This way, she gets all the essential elements in her body. She shared this in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, where the actress said her breakfast helps her stay full for a long time and get energetic. 

What Does Lily Collins Have at Lunch? 

Lily Collins knows that daily consumption of protein is essential. Hence, she usually eats chicken or salmon fish at lunch. She also eats quinoa. 

What Does Lily Collins Have at Lunch? 
Lily Collins by Tony Shek licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The British-American actress shared the fact that she isn’t a quick eater. She takes time to finish her lunch, chewing them well before gulping so her stomach can easily digest what she intakes. 

She also consumes herbal tea. She shared that once she used to drink coffee almost all the time but now she quit the bad habit. As her body often gets cold, she now depends on herbal tea and drinks it twice daily. 

What Does Lily Collins Have in Snacks? 

For Lily, snacks play the most crucial role in keeping her going throughout the day. In the interview, she told the host that she relies on fruits and veggies and eats them during snack time. 

She often posts images of what she eats for snacks. In one of her Instagram photos, Collins was holding an orange, and that photo had the caption

“Orange you glad it’s Friday?(Sorry, I had to!)...” 

She also revealed that she does not know every day; she sometimes bakes sweet foods like banana-walnut bread, cakes, and doughnuts to treat herself well. Also, we can’t forget she posted pictures of baking macarons with Ashley Park. 

It seems she likes to have snacks that she makes herself and doesn’t restrict herself from eating other snack foods except for vegetables and fruits. 

What Does Lily Collins Have at Dinner? 

Collins didn’t share what exactly she eats at dinner because she doesn’t cook them on her own. The ‘Emily in Paris’ actress said she thinks of herself as pretty grandma-ish for consuming her dinner earlier than usual. 

What Does Lily Collins Have at Dinner? Let's see.
Lily Collins by Tony Shek licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

She has some foodie friends she meets every day in any restaurant, sits, talks, and has a healthy dinner together. Later she drinks some tequila unless she has loads of work the following day. 

Final Words 

Thinking Lily Collins is a vegan is evident since she was on a strict diet at a younger age. Even she had to suffer from Anorexia for eating too little. But is Lily Collins actually a vegan? 

Well, no, she is neither vegan nor vegetarian. Collins is focused on the intake of every essential element every day. Hence she eats everything healthy, including fruits, vegetables, homemade sweets, macarons, and so on.

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