Is Lisa From BLACKPINK Christian? Which Religion Does She Follow? 

While several celebrities don’t believe in the concept of having a creator, BLACKPINK singers are different. They at least have faith in God. 

Is Lisa From BLACKPINK Christian? What's her religious belief?
Lisa by Hey Day licensed under CC BY 4.0

Each singer shared their religion which tells us they believe in God. But do they believe in the same faith? Today we will only learn whether Lisa from BLACKPINK is Christian and which religion she follows. 

Lisa from BLACKPINK is not Christian but Buddhist By Born

While Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé from BLACKPINK are Christians, Lisa is Buddhist. Her motherland is Thailand, where up to 90% of the population follows Buddhism. Her parents are also Buddhist. 

Lisa Manoban Doesn’t Follow Buddhism Properly 

There is limited information about the singer’s religion and how religious they are. Buddhism is a religion that stands on 5 moral precepts that include no killing or harming people and animals, refraining from drinking alcohol and such consumables, staying away from sexual misconduct, and keeping oneself away from stealing and controlling tongue and speech. 

Lisa Manoban Doesn't Follow Buddhism Properly then which religion does she follow?
Lisa by Idol Hunter licensed under CC BY 4.0

Lisa is not a vegetarian;

she eats all sorts of food, including fish and meat. She sometimes has drinks that have alcohol in them. But as per the reports, she isn’t harmful to people in any way, proving that she doesn’t follow all the commandments of Buddhism. 


Are Jisoo Kim and Jennie Kim Buddhist? 

Jennie and Jisoo from BLACKPINK were born in Korea, where many people follow Buddhism. But both the Korean BLACKPINK members are Christians. However, both singers believe in a ‘non-religious’ faith. 

What religion is Rose BLACKPINK? 

Rosé from BLACKPINK is Christian, and she has faith in Jesus. It’s known that she often visits churches. 

Final Words

Lisa was born in a country where 90% of people believe in Buddha. Lisa, too, believes in Buddhism but doesn’t practice all the rules of her religion. 

She is nonviolent to people and animals but doesn’t prohibit herself from eating fish, meat, and other protein foods that we get from animals. She is not an entirely religious person.

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