Is Lisa from BLACKPINK Gay? Everything About Her Sexuality

Many BLINKs are more curious about Lisa’s sexuality than other members. Since Lisa is a box of talent and her beauty knows no bounds, the BLACKPINK followers are eager to learn if Lisa from BLACKPINK is gay. 

Is Lisa from BLACKPINK Gay or bisexual? Everything About Her Sexuality.
Lisa by PUBG MOBILE:????M licensed under CC BY 3.0

Besides, there is footage on the internet showing Lisa being too close and touchy with other band members. Hence, people are making different speculations about her sexuality.

But today, we will reveal everything about her sexuality you need to know. So keep reading till the end. 

Lisa’s Over-friendly Nature Makes Some People Think She is Gay or Bisexual

While Rosé is famous for her kindness, Jennie for her savage nature, and Ji-soo for being cute, Lisa is famous for not only her beauty and talent but also her over-friendly attribute. Being too friendly puts her in a lot of trouble, yet she can’t stop being like that. 

Many of Lisa’s followers and haters believe she has feelings for females. Because the Queen of Kpop captured several videos where she is kissing other girls, those ladies scream out of embarrassment.

She recorded many such videos. Suddenly, she hugged members in an intimate way and tried to kiss them on their lips.

However, she couldn’t kiss any BLACKPINK member on their lips as the other member immediately shifted their faces in different directions.

Lisa's Over-friendly Nature Makes Some People Think She is Gay or Bisexual.
Lisa by F28STAR licensed under CC BY 4.0

Lisa Manoban also seems to have so much interest in Jennie. In an interview, she was asked if she could be a boy who she would date from BLACKPINK. 

Her answer was, ‘Jennie.’ Jennie Kim immediately responded, “Lisa is touching me a lot nowadays, but I believe she has reasons.” Her closeness with Jennie has sparked rumors that they might be dating and are lesbian. However, these claims are false as no substantial evidence will support the assumptions. 

Lisa didn’t mention her as bisexual or gay, nor has YG Entertainment confirmed her sexuality. Hence, without getting trustable evidence, we need to believe her as straight.

Because she is also too close to boys, although she didn’t get romantically close with guys in front of the public, she is restricted from getting romantically involved with men by YG Entertainment. 

We think she is over-friendly and likes hugging and kissing her group members to show her sisterly love towards them. 

Lisa is Single But is Interested in Men 

Lisa was never spotted dating boys. She is officially single. Also, once, she indirectly spoke about having a male life partner.

Lisa is Single But is Interested in Men or girls.
Lisa by Hey Day
licensed under CC BY 4.0

She told the interviewer that she would like to have someone like his stepfather who can cook, is pleasant, older than her, and can take care of her. She indirectly stated that she would date a man. 

Also, in another interview we mentioned above, Lisa mentioned she would date Jennie if she were a man. As she is a female, the two aren’t dating as the rumors say. So, we believe Lisa’s sexuality is straight

Final Words 

Lalisa, aka BLACKPINK Lisa, never shares her sexuality with the public. But it doesn’t mean she could be bisexual or gay.

She is too cozy around the BLACKPINK members and doesn’t hesitate to cuddle with them like sisters. Let’s assume she is straight until YG reveals her actual sexual orientation.

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