Is Lisa From BLACKPINK Non-Vegetarian? Look at Her Diet Plan

BLACKPINK members are not only famous for their singing but also their beauty standards. Every band member has glowing skin without spots, a toned body, white teeth, and beautiful hair. 

Is Lisa From BLACKPINK Non-Vegetarian? What's her food habit.
Lisa by Idol Hunter licensed under CC BY 4.0

Girls are more focused on how they appear and keep their bodies curvy. We had once talked about Jennie’s diet plan that can help you lose weight and get a toned body like them. However, her diet plan is pretty strict, so we will discuss Lisa’s diet plan today. 

So, let’s learn whether Lisa from BLACKPINK is non-vegetarian and how hard or easy it is to follow her diet plan. 

Lisa from BLACKPINK Diet Plan 

It may shock you, but Lisa is not a ‘dieting’ kind of person. Unlike Jennie Kim, she doesn’t stop herself from eating tasty meals.

Then how can she be so skinny? We know it’s unbelievable, but Lisa has secrets that strictly let her stay fit without dieting. Let’s learn her style of staying slim and healthy. 

Eat Less 

Lisa Manoban ensures she eats less. She used to eat a lot, but after joining BLACKPINK, she had to ensure she got a ‘ZERO’ figure there.

A close look at Lisa from BLACKPINK Diet Plan.
Lisa by Idol Hunter
licensed under CC BY 4.0

It’s unknown how less she takes her meals, but as per reports, she consumes enough food that she would need to do all the hard work every day. We think if you generally eat 1 whole bowl of the meal, you should reduce the amount to half. 

No Salt 

Lisa also ensured there was no or less salt in her food. Instead of sodium, she adds black paper for taste. They also add some spring onion and cheese to make the meal look tastier if it’s not soupy noodles or similar meals. 

Workouts and Dance Practice 

If you ask us who in BLACKPINK does extreme exercise, we would say Lisa. The singer is so focused on doing proper workouts on a regular schedule that without following a healthy diet, she can keep her body toned. 

The Thai girl also practices dance while doing exercises. That’s how she is capable of burning extra fat every day that she consumes daily.

Now, the question is, what workouts does Lisa do that remove unnecessary fat from her body no matter what she eats? Next, we will look at her exercise preferences. 

Lisa Mostly Depends on Pilates to Burn Fat 

According to trusted sources, the BLACKPINK Lisa’s primary way of losing weight is doing pilates for a long time. This particular kind of workout is too tough to perform, so the results are incredibly satisfying. 

How Lisa Mostly Depends on Pilates to Burn Fat.
by Hey Day licensed under CC BY 4.0

To learn this specific exercise, you should highly rely on guidance books on pilates. It’s unknown for how long she workouts. Lisa most probably does pilates until she feels she needs to rest. Also, she dances in between performing various pilates positions. 

Also, Lalisa Manoban didn’t share a specific time that she usually uses for doing workouts. Hence, you can do that exercise after you have well digested your meals at any time throughout the day (that’s what experts say). 

Final Words 

Some would say dieting without working out or exercising without dieting can’t help you lose weight. Lisa proved that you could stay fit and fine just by working out right and eating whatever you like but in a small portion. It’s her way of keeping herself slim which works 100%

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