Is Lisa from BLACKPINK Thai? Look at Her Nationality and Ethnicity

In BLACKPINK, there are two Korean members, and the other two have come from other countries. One is Rosé, and the other is Lisa. But today, we will discuss Lisa’s nationality. 

Is Lisa Thai? What's the nationality of this BLACKPINK star?
Lisa by Newsenstar1 licensed under CC BY 3.0

Lisa’s haters often call her an outsider as she isn’t Korean. There are different rumors about her ethnicity. So, which country is she from? Is Lisa from BLACKPINK Thai? Here’s what you need to know about her nationality and ethnicity. 

Lisa War was Born in Thailand, So She By Born Thai

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is not Korean. She is a foreigner who came to Korea from Thailand to join the famous Kpop girls band BLACKPINK. 

This is why her native language is Thai. YG Entertainment kept her birth father’s name a secret. However, they shared information about Lisa’s stepfather, who is still living in Thailand and working as a chef, and Lisa’s mother, Chitthip Bruschweiler.

Lisa’s stepfather is well-known as Marco Bruschweiler. Although he was born and raised in Switzerland, the guy met with Lisa’s mother after moving to Thailand and ended up getting married to her. Since then, he has been living there and picked chef as his occupation.

Lisa War was Born in Thailand, So She By Born Thai.
Lisa by NewsInstar licensed under CC BY 3.0

Also, it’s confirmed by the YG that our pretty Lisa was born in Thailand’s Satuek district. So, Lisa’s nationality and ethnicity are Thai.

Her biological parents gave her the name Pranpriya Manobal, but later she changed it to Lalisa legally. Now she too is in Thailand, living in her own house there. 


What does Lisa’s father do? 

Lisa’s birth father’s name is unknown, and so is his profession. However, her stepfather works as a chef in Thailand at a prominent restaurant. 

What is BLACKPINK Lisa’s mom’s Instagram? 

Lisa’s mother has an Instagram account where she achieved 399k followers. Her verified Instagram account is ‘chitthipbruschweiler.’ 

Final Words 

Lisa is Thai, and this information is 100% authentic. Because of her busy schedule, she can’t often go to Thailand.

But some sources shared the news that she is currently in Thailand now and will live there until the singer has to participate in making a new music video.

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