Is Lorde Jewish? What's Lorde's Religious Belief?

Lorde is a New Zealand-based singer-songwriter who became the youngest solo artist in history to have a US number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with her first single, “Royals.”

She has also found success in other countries, including New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Various subgenres of music, including dream pop and indietronica, are included in the super star’s catalog of work.

Is Lorde Jewish? which religion does she follow?
Lorde by (Kirk Stauffer) licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Among her charitable endeavors are the World Food Program and the Special Olympics. In addition, the acclaimed singer is also an active participant in various sports organizations.

But there is a question about her religious belief that most people want to inquire about. So, “Is Lorde Jewish or not?” In this blog post, we will talk in detail about her religious beliefs and will get into the depth of her religion.

Is Lorde Jewish?

Lorde was once asked what religion she believes in. The music artist said that she does not identify herself as religious.

Still, her experiences in nature over the last two years have been the closest thing she’s ever come to religious practice, and she uses those memories as a kind of devotional journal. So, this means that she is not Jewish; otherwise, she would have accepted it.

Assessing the religious beliefs

Another thing is by taking a look at the kind of music the widely acclaimed artist produces, it is safe to assume that Lorde is an atheist. None of her songs have biblical references, and almost none of her songs praise God or some other religious entity. 

Assessing the religious beliefs of Lorde.
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For instance, if we look at Sia’s songs or others, we can notice that she produces some of the most encouraging songs about overcoming the earth’s struggles and uplifting others. 

The Spiritual-but-Not-so-Religious 

According to a set of rumors that surfaced on some social media platforms, Lorde is an atheist but refers to her religious beliefs as somewhat spiritual ones.

In a subsequent interview, the Grammy winner categorically denied that she was a dedicated follower of Jesus. Instead, she expressed her enthusiasm for Kanye West’s album Yeezus, stating that she was a big believer in it. 

Family and Roots

On a side note, Lorde’s real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, born on November 7, 1996, to Kiwi parents in Auckland, New Zealand. Vic O’Connor, an Orthodox Catholic, was her father who raised her. It has been stated that her father is Irish and English. Lorde seems to be a practicing Catholic.

What's Lorde's Family and Roots.
Lorde By Neon Tommy licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Lorde is unquestionably a talented young singer, as is universally acknowledged. With the phenomenal success of her song Royal, she became a household name throughout the world. The song has become a worldwide sensation. 

And it is often sung by a large number of vocalists from all over the world in various competitions. Several other countries also voted it the best song of the year, and it hit number one on the charts in many countries, including the US.  

It’s A Wrap

Let’s take a deep look at both of the interviews given by the Newzealand based singer. We can easily deduce that Lorde is not a religious person, let alone a Jewish because she referred to her religious thoughts as spiritual rather than religious.

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