Is Lorde Related To Madonna? Why People Think Lorde Is Madonna's Daughter?

A typical teenager was turned into a global music star in just one song. Lorde is a New Zealand singer and songwriter. She is among the hottest artists that have ever emerged.

The singer rose to prominence in 2013. This was when she released her song titled Royals which took over almost every chart worldwide, and it happened overnight.

Is Lorde Related To Madonna? How they connected to each other?
Lorde by Fred von Lohmann licensed under CC BY 2.0

The singer’s real name is Ella, and Lorde is only her stage name. She got this name due to the royalty and nobility directed towards her over the years. Since the word Lord is a masculine title, she added the letter E to make it a bit more feminine.

With her impressive musical talent, she is being compared to Madonna. People are even asking: Is Lorde related to Madonna. Her stage name is another thing that causes confusion about the relationship between the two. More on this below.

Who Is Madonna?

We know Madonna is the Queen of Pop. She is a singer, actress, songwriter, and entrepreneur. The singer has earned her title and reputation since the 1980s. People know her as an artist who reinvents her image regularly and pushes mainstream music beyond its boundaries.

Who Is Madonna? Is She related to Lorde?
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Both criticism and praise were thrown at the singer over the years. But she is among the pop singers with the most influence. Since the start of her career in the 1980s, she has maintained her extreme success even until recent years.

Why do People think Lorde Is Madonna’s Daughter?

The Queen of Pop has six children, and one of them is Lourdes Leon. She is her daughter with her estranged husband, Carlos Leon. The singer has another biological child named Rocco Ritchie, and the rest of her children were adopted. Let us focus more on her eldest daughter, Lourdes. 

The singer gave birth to her in 1996. This was shortly after she won the Golden Globe. That accolade is due to her performance in Evita for her role as Eva Peron. When Lourdes was a couple of months old, her parents separated, but they remained as good friends. 

You may ask whether or not the daughter of Madonna is a singer. Yes, she can sing, but she does not pursue a career in music. She rejects all the record deals offered to her.

Why do People think Lorde Is Madonna's Daughter? Is Lorde Madonna's Daughter?
Lorde by Constanza.CH licensed under CC BY 2.0

But most importantly, she is not the same person as the international music star we know. Lourdes is the daughter of Madonna, but the Royal singer isn’t.

The answer to this question is no. People claim that the two related are only confused with Lorde and Lourdes. If there is a connection with the singers, it would be their love for music and their pursuit of pushing away from mainstream music. 

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