Is Luke Evans Married? Who is Luke Evans’ Wife Or Husband?

Luke Evans is currently starring in ITV’s new series The Pembrokeshire Murders, which is based on the true story of serial killer John Cooper.

The scripts are based on a book written by police detective Steve Wilkins (Luke) and journalist Jonathan Hill, both of whom played important roles in solving the case.

Is Luke Evans Married? Does he have a wife or husband?
Luke Evans by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But, as we watch Luke Evans’ incredible performance in the true-crime drama, Is Luke Evans Married? Here’s what we’ve got for you!

Is Luke Evans Married?

Luke is single after an 18-month relationship with art director Rafael Olarra ended. He is not married and does not have children, but he has expressed a desire to become a father in recent interviews.

On “The Pembrokeshire Murders,” Evans plays Steve Wilkins, a Welsh detective determined to solve the cold case. The three-part series will premiere on BritBox on Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

It aired on ITV in the United Kingdom over three nights, beginning January 21, 2021. Keith Allen portrays Cooper. Evans’ character is based on a true story.

Does Luke Evans have a partner?

Luke made his ex-boyfriend, art director Rafa, his Instagram official in early February 2020. He captioned a photo of the couple on a trip to Hawaii at the time, “He loves my Welsh humor… no honestly!!” He certainly does!!”

This was their first public appearance as a couple after reportedly dating since the summer of 2019.

According to Just Jared, the couple spent the coronavirus lockdown in Florida together before travelling to England and Spain over the summer.

Evans Confirmed His Breakup, Saying ‘It Is What It Is’

Evans and Olarra began dating in the summer of 2019 and sparked breakup rumours when Evans unfollowed Olarra on Instagram and deleted photos with his ex earlier this year, according to the Independent. When Evans posted a video of the two laughing together on a trip to Hawaii, it became official.

“He adores my Welsh wit… no, seriously!! “He does!!” said the post. Another post had a photo of the two riding horses with the caption, “Good times.”

He told The Times that he and his ex-girlfriend had broken up and that he was now single.

Luke Evans once considered starting a family with Rafael Olarra

Rafael Olarra was Luke’s most recent relationship. Yes, you read that correctly—that dashing art director from Faena. Unfortunately, the two were no longer together, but their relationship was intriguing enough to warrant further investigation.

Rafael was born in Argentina and attended university in Madrid before moving to the United States. However, it was unclear how Rafael and Luke first met. Despite this, the couple shared numerous photos on social media (they were also the paparazzi’s favorite couple).

Rafael first appeared in Luke’s Instagram stories in October of this year. Since then, the two have continued to share their adorable moments with the world.

During their quarantine in Florida

, the couple also spent time together. Rafael’s Instagram showed us this lovely couple doing mundane activities, but they made it look like they were having a great time!


Luke is one of those actors who made us fall in love with his personality rather than his acting. As the public had much eagerness regarding his personal life, the above stories are what we’ve got!

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