Is Macklemore Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Around the world, almost all people are familiar with the face of a socially aware hip-hop developing artist, his stage name is Macklemore, and An knows Benjamin Hammond Haggerty.

An American rapper who is born white hipster-rapper candidly mimics the genre’s fascination with designer labels as the number one song earlier in the country.

Is Macklemore Gay? A close look at his sexual orientation.
Macklemore by © Markus Felix licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The most incredible thing about Macklemore’s win is that significantly believing his hip-hop connections is how unapologetically for pro-gay-rights.

His most hit song, “Same Love,” was formerly written to support Washington state’s marriage equivalency poll in the 2012 elections and is arguably the many candid songs in favor of gay privileges ever to hit mainstream awareness.

Though the rapper’s most songs as per gay rights, the people question his sexuality, Is Macklemore Gay.

Sexuality: Is Macklemore Gay?

Hostile to belief, No, Macklemore isn’t gay. But most fans guessed that the rapper sang the song ‘Same Love,’ which talks about legalizing same-sex marriage.

It featured the video for the song in YouTube’s Pride Week. Lately, Macklemore confessed the rumors about his sexuality, but it affirmed that he is not gay and was committed to his long-term girlfriend, Tricia Davis.

Why Macklemore Confess As Gay

While after the release of the song of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song “Same Love” about marriage equality the numerous online users raise questions about their sexuality

In August, the rapper, whose birth name is Ben Haggerty, arose on late-night Chelsea Handler’s comicness show “Chelsea Lately” when he and Lewis spoke about their sexual orientation to specify the record straight.

The broadcaster questioned, “You’re both straight, right?” provoking laughs from the studio public. As an answer, Macklemore replied even though the internet thought it was yes.

In reply, the host asked to Do the internet, and the people think you both were a couple?

In that case, The Seattle rapper, 30, illustrated that Whenever the people type is and Macklemore at first in the Google search will show you if “Is Macklemore gay.” 

Thus, he stated with an expression, So, yes, as per the internet thoughts that I’m gay, which is not true.

In addition, the host, Handler, asked where both of you met. Lewis narrated the talk-show host and said that we both met on Myspace.

And jokingly, Handler doubted whether anybody even used Myspace; Macklemore flung his hands up in the air and replied, “All right, it’s fine, that we’re gay!”

Although after this statement, the people started gossiping that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were a couple, and they were gay.


No, An American rapper Macklemore is not gay. However, his support for same-sex causes and gay rights has made him a controversial bust in hip-hop.

In early 2013, “Is Macklemore gay?” became a news talk. Later on, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love,” glorified as a pro-gay-marriage anthem, developed into a

Top 20 hit, showing No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

While Macklemore is not gay, his four gay uncles inspired the song from “Same Love” from the couple The Heist, and the rapper notices homophobia as a significant nuisance in the hip-hop community.

The query, “Is Macklemore gay?” is one the Seattle rapper once claimed himself, and on “Same Love,” the song was as the remembers annoying as a child whether the reality a clean boy indicated he was a gay person.

Not only is Macklemore not gay, but possibly “Thrift Shop” MC is also engaged to his longtime girlfriend. 

While the reply to the question, “Is Macklemore gay?” though he is not, but more than inclined to talk about gay rights. Thus the rapper’s voice raises, and the support for the gay community in his fan’s senses makes him gay and surrounding it linked him and his duo singer to controversy.


After reading the article in decline, we can say that Macklemore is not gay, and his sexual orientation is straight. We Hope so we can make your doubt clear on Macklemore’s sexuality.

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