Is Madison Beer Lesbian or Bi? What's Her Sexuality?

Madison Beer is a rising American singer and actress who rose to international fame because of her talent. She is the one who can perform the piano, drums, and guitar in addition to singing.

After releasing her debut album, which will largely feature R&B songs, she gained enormous popularity. 

Is Madison Beer Lesbian or Bi? What's her sexual orientation?
Madison Beer By Justin Higuchi Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

We know many people are curious to know is Madison Beer is Lesbian or Bi? What her sexuality is. Well, we have covered this article related to her sexuality details. 

As you delve further into this article, you’ll learn what you are looking for. Let’s have a look at the star’s personal life! 

Is Madison Beer Lesbian Or Bi?

We know most people are interested in learning the celebrity sexuality, and of course, we all want to learn if Madison is lesbian? Well, the answer is no! She is not Lesbian but ?h? ?? b????u?l( Bi). 

She also enters into relationships with both genders in a comfortable manner.  As she has been on an off-loan affair, her relationship may be dubbed confusing. 

Madison Beer Sexuality

I’m not a lesbian, but I adore girls, the beautiful actress said in a YouNow talk about her sexuality in 2016. She also said that she had once fallen in love with a woman.

In a subsequent Livestream on TikTok in March 2020, she addressed her sexuality again, revealing that she is bisexual: “‘Are you bi?’ 

What's Madison Beer Sexuality? Is she gay or bisexual?
Madison Beer By Justin Higuchi Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Yes, I came out around four, three years ago, I’d guess. I get that question a lot from people, and I always reply that I’ve already addressed it—kind of strange, that. I have always been bisexual; this is not a new development.

The celebrity admitted that she loves girls, and also she cleared that she is not a lesbian. The legendary artist has experienced mental health problems and claims that the internet and social media have made things worse. She has self-harmed and has been identified as having psychological issues. 

Has Madison Beer had A Gf?

Since about 2016, the stunning star and Claudia Tihan have been friends. Frequently referring to one another as their “soulmates,” they share photos of themselves on social media. 

Even though they keep in touch with each other’s Instagram, the couple isn’t as frequently seen together as when they were last photographed together in 2018.

Madison Beer Boyfriend

Nick Austin and the talented actress have acknowledged their relationship as of March 2021. In 2015, she started dating Jack Gilinsky, a pop singer and YouTube sensation. Jack is a part of the famous singing duet “Jack & Jack” and is well-known.

Who's Madison Beer Boyfriend? Is she single or dating anyone?
Madison Beer By Walt Disney Television Licensed Under CC BY-ND 2.0

Her relationship with Justin Bieber has been misconstrued by many of her followers. There are widespread reports on media platforms that she sees him after splitting up with her previous boyfriend. Both have refuted the claims and maintain that they are “simply good friends.”

It’s A Wrap! 

Good luck! We hope this article helps discover whether Madison Beer is a lesbian or bi. And the facts related to her sexuality. Her love for men and women confused people; they thought she was lesbian, but in reality, she is not. 

Thanks, my dear friends, for being in touch until the end! We appreciate your time and efforts. Comment below for further details about the legendary celeb! Know more: Lorde’s Age, Height, Sexuality, Parents and Siblings!

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