Is Madonna Related to Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe?

Many female artists have tried to make erotica part of their brand, but very few have successfully pulled it off. By few, we mean the holy trinity of pop culture: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Lady Gaga.

They dominated their respective eras in the entertainment industry and are all well-known for being creatively expressive with their bodies. 

How Madonna Related to Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe?
Madonna by Pascal Mannaerts licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

We can go on and on with the things these three divas have in common – and this has led some to question: Is this some kind of a family business? Do Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Marilyn Monroe all have these similarities because they’re related to one another? 

Madonna and Lady Gaga: Are They Really Distant Cousins?

In 2011, a genealogist by the name of Chris Child gave some very shocking news: Lady Gaga and Madonna share the same great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents. In simpler terms, they’re ninth cousins once removed.

According to Chris, the names of Lady Gaga and Madonna’s common ancestors were Jean Bessette and Anne Seigneur. They were farmers who moved to Canada from France some time in the 1600s. 

Many people quickly pointed out that Madonna and Lady Gaga being related explains why the two celebrities have been clashing against each other for years. After all, cousins do fight a lot!

Are Madonna and Lady Gaga Really Distant Cousins?
Lady Gaga by Arnie Papp licensed under CC BY 2.0

But while it is true that Lady Gaga and Madonna have French-Canadian blood (Italian as well), recent findings have debunked the genealogist’s claim.

Experts believe that Chris might have made an honest mistake by confusing the names of Madonna’s ancestor, Jacques Pascal Bessette, with Lady Gaga’s ancestor with the same sounding name: Jacob Bisset. 

So, to be clear: Lady Gaga and Madonna are NOT related. Once again, facts are coming in hard to shatter our imaginations. 

Madonna and Marilyn Monroe: Are They Related?

It’s really difficult to trace out Marilyn Monroe’s ancestry when the identity of her biological father is shrouded with so much mystery. But as far as her mother is concerned, Marilyn does have English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh blood. 

As for Madonna’s case, her father was born to Italian immigrants while her mother has French-Canadian roots. Somewhere deep in Madonna’s family tree is an ancestor who has English blood – the only ethnicity that the Queen of Pop shares with the Blonde Bombshell. 

How Madonna and Marilyn Monroe Related?
Marilyn Monroe by USMC Archives licensed under CC BY 2.0

Based on the limited data that we have on Marilyn’s family, we can conclude for now that she is not related to Madonna.

The likelihood of this ever changing depends on whether or not we finally get to know who her father is – but that’s probably never going to happen.

No one is actively investigating the case, let alone interested in it. Plus, there’s been a whole lot of awful controversies surrounding her dad, and we don’t want to open up all those sad stories without Marilyn’s consent. Let the woman rest!

So, there you have it: Madonna is not related to Lady Gaga nor Marilyn Monroe. However, she is confirmed to be related to the following celebrities:

Wow, it’s a small world after all!

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