Is Margot Robbie Married? Who is Margot Robbie’s Husband?

Margot Robbie is widely popular for her big-screen character roles. This Aussie actor has achieved fame and success at a younger age, because why not? She never fails to amaze us, whether with the role of Harley Quinn, Naomi Lapaglia, or Tonya Harding.

Not only is she an acting icon of the Hollywood mogul, but a heart stealer too. Her big, wide smile is enough to catch anyone’s heart right away!

Is Margot Robbie Married? Let's see who's her husband?
Margot Robbie by Toglenn licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

So, who is that lucky man in real life who has won this beautiful and talented actress’s heart instead?

Here, you will get to know if Margot Robbie is married or not. If so, then who is Margot Robbie’s husband? Keep on reading below to know more. 

Is Margot Robbie Married?

Yes, the Suicide Squad fame is married to Tom Ackerley, a British filmmaker. The duo tied the knot secretly in December 2016 in Byron Bay, Australia, and is married to date. Robbie’s marriage was not known until fall 2017 when they walked down the red carpet together.

Soon after that, Robbie posted an Instagram picture with her husband while kissing each other and showing off her newly-wedded wedding ring. As they both belong to the film industry, so they first met here as well.

Their love started budding when working on a film together named Suite Francaise (2014). They were in a long-distance relationship, hence decided to tie the knot soon.

The duo is the co-founder of a production company named LuckyChap Entertainment and has produced many movies under it.   

Who is Tom Ackerley?   

So who is Tom Ackerley apart from being the Wolf of Wall Street star’s husband? Tom is a British filmmaker and assistant producer who was born on January 1, 1990, in Surrey, United Kingdom.

Although he is British, Tom’s profession is surrounded by Hollywood, and he whole-heartedly aspired for that. He and his wife, along with some of their star friends, founded LuckyChap Entertainment in 2014.

This 31 years old director and producer were brought up in the UK and completed his college graduation in Godalming College before starting his career as an assistant film director. He was in his early 20’s when he flew to the states to follow his passion. 

Tom is a fun, adventurous, and sporty person too, which can be assumed from his Instagram ID. His photos are mostly travel-related and consist of a few sports pictures, such as triathlons.

He does not have hundreds and thousands of followers on Instagram like his actress wife. His Instagram followers are currently 22.6k, and he has posted nearly 300 pictures there.    

Final Thought 

Margot Robbie has been happily married to the love of her life for the past five years almost. She says marriage is fun and adventurous for her, and she has got a supportive life partner.

We hope the actress lives happily with her better half for the rest of her life. Till then, we can expect more extraordinary movies from both of them; where one will be directing and the other one acting!

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