Is Mariah Carey Related To Jim Carrey And Whitney Houston?

Not all can sing, dance, act, and perform like Mariah Carey. With such amazing talent, she became one of the most prominent artists of her time.

She struggled to get where she is now through the years – famous, millionaire, and have a happy family. Her life is what most people dream of having for themselves. 

Is Mariah Carey Related To Jim Carrey And Whitney Houston?
Mariah Carey By Raph_PH Licensed under CC BY 2.0

With her beautiful voice, charming face, and great fame, she earned not just money but fans – too many fans. The fact that you are here today, maybe you are one of those who admire her and want to know more about Mariah Carey. Am I right?

Are you also one of those who asks: is Mariah Carey related to Jim Carrey and Whitney Houston? If so, stay tuned because we will answer that very question in this post. 

We often get this question since the two have the same last name. Well, it sounds like they have the same last name, but they are actually different.

The Carrey in Jim’s name has two Rs while Carey in Mariah has only one R. They are not related, and their last names are not the same. 

Is Mariah Carey Related To Jim Carrey? How they are connected?
Jim Carrey
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Also, look at their nationality. Jim Carrey is full-blooded white whole Mariah Carey is half white and half black. Also, Mariah Carey is American, while Jim Carrey is from Canada. 

Two ladies with powerful voices made it dominant in the music industry. When one releases a single, the other tends to release an album. This makes people wonder whether or not the two are related. Are they friends or mainly rivals?

Are Mariah Carey And Whitney Houston Friends?

According to Mariah Carey, it is human nature to compare an artist to another. This is especially true when you are new to the industry. A comparison to someone will soon prevail. 

It is a privilege for her to be compared to someone like Whitney Houston. She is a great singer and a superstar. Many other people could be compared to her, but Whitney Houston. 

They have become the greatest rivalry in the music industry. So people cannot stop but wonder if the two manage to become friends despite that.

According to Mariah Carey herself in one interview, she and Whitney never had a dispute between them. She further told the public that people would not understand their relationship. 

Are Mariah Carey And Whitney Houston Friends? Are they related?
Whitney Houston By asterix611 Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

After all, they are supposed to be rivals, but they became friends when they decided to proceed on the duet. It is no question that two are the biggest divas from around the globe. Both Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston have voices that can move you or even turn out the lights. 

However, many people still believe that the two are not fond of each other. But we have to note that the two have big personalities behind their voice. I don’t think they would hate each other just because people believe that one is better than the other. As for me, they are equally great. 

It’s A Wrap!

Again, Mariah Carey is not related to the comedian Jim Carrey nor to her fellow diva, Whitney Houston.

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