Is Mariah Carey White or Black? What's Her Ethnicity?

The Queen of Christmas has been dogged by questions about her ethnicity as a recording artist. People would question here and there, “is Mariah Carey white or black?”

In fact, there’s an accusation that the Songbird Supreme’s record company has been concealing her actual ethnicity. 

Is Mariah Carey White or Black? Let's see.
Mariah Carey By The United States Army Band Licensed under CC BY 2.0

The question is: what’s Mariah Carey ethnicity? You simply thought that she was white. She was even referred to as “a white girl who can sing” by author Nelson George.

So it seemed plausible that Carey’s skin tone was pale, and her hair was naturally straight. Well, my friends. Let’s stop wondering and know her ethnicity.  

The Family History Of Mariah Carey

Her family history, as well as her parents’ origins, encompass a wide range of experiences. Alfred Roy Carey, an aviation engineer born in Venezuela, and Patricia Hickey, her mother, comes of Irish-American descent.

When racial tensions peaked in the United States, it was common practice to forbid interracial unions. Throughout Mariah’s childhood in Huntington, New York City, the issue of race was a constant topic of conversation. 

As a child, she claimed that she was constantly on the go and had to learn how to adulthood her own, especially of her parent’s divorce. Apart from this, other kids in her neighborhood make her feel completely different based on her ethnicity. 

Is Mariah Carey Black Or White?

When the singer became famous, she was asked about her parents’ ethnicity. She said that she always considered herself to be a mixed-race individual.

Is Mariah Carey Black? Is Mariah Carey white? What's her skin color?
Mariah Carey By Filipe Vicente / Setor VIP Licensed under CC BY 2.5

In 1998, she revealed that she’s mixed in an interview with Vibe magazine. Much more, she’s confident about not denying her parents, who came from a black race. 

Despite these things, her race and family history remained a mystery. Yet, after many years of wondering and questioning: what’s Mariah Carey ethnicity? Is Mariah Carey white? She answered, “Black!”

Perhaps, you’re wondering why she identified herself as black despite having straight blonde or brunette hair? My dear friends, the answer is not in biology but the country’s long history of racism and slavery.

The One-Drop Rule

In the early twentieth century, everyone having “one drop” of black blood in their family history was considered legally “black.” 

Carey, who has been in “Precious and The Butler”, cited this rule. However, since African-American bloodline was used as an excuse to lower the social status of all post-slavery offspring from mixed marriages, it was considered illegal under the law. 

To begin with, this regulation was only implemented in Tennessee. But states have since adopted it all around the country. As early as 1931, most states in the United States had passed a one-drop law.

Mariah Carey: The New Black

Now, rather than being identified as “white”, those of mixed race were characterized as “black” by the African American community. Even though many of these classifications were abandoned by the late 1960s, many of them are still in use.

Mariah Carey: The New Black pop star.
Mariah Carey By WBLS Licensed under CC BY 3.0

There are a lot of mixed-race people who are still categorized as black by society and other people of color, which might lead to biases against them. 

So, is Mariah Carey black? Due to her father Alfred Roy Carey’s African ancestry, many African Americans refer to the renowned celebrity as “black,” which follows the one-drop rule advocated by bigots throughout the United States’ history.

It’s A Wrap!

So, is Mariah Carey black? You’ve known the answer to this! Is Mariah Carey white? She was always referred to as the “White Girl!” You’ve already known what Mariah Carey ethnicity is. We hope you’ve learned a lot, my dear friends. Have a great day!

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