Why Do People Think Matt Walsh Could Be Gay? 

Matthew Paul Walsh, prominent American comedian Matt Walsh drew his first breath on 13th October 1964. The actor became a global celebrity after playing the role of Mike McLintock in the TV show Veep. 

He has been married to his wife Morgan Walsh since 2009 and became a father of three good-looking children.

What's Matt Walsh sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
Matt Walsh by Behind The Velvet Rope TV licensed under CC BY 3.0

Yet he is thought to be gay by a group of people. But why do people believe Matt Walsh could be gay?

Matt Walsh is considered gay by some people as the comedian and actor don’t share much information about his wife and children. Some think he may be gay and is no longer with Morgan, his wife. 

But the truth about his sexuality is explained ahead. Let’s keep reading to learn the unknown facts about Matt’s sexual orientation. 

Why Do People Think Matt Walsh Could Be Gay? 

Matt Walsh, a great comedian, is misunderstood as gay by many people. However, people can’t help but think him gay as the comedian chose to keep many things secret. There is less information about his personal life and family members. 

Why Do People Think Matt Walsh Could Be Gay? 
Matt Walsh by Dominick D licensed under
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Also, he didn’t ever speak about his sexuality. Usually, people tend to think negatively about secretive people. His confidential nature could be the reason for not thinking of him as straight but gay. But this concept is not correct. Why? We’ll explain next. 

Is Matt Walsh Married to a Man or Woman? 

It’s known a gay guy can never marry a woman. He is interested in men. So if we look into who Matt Walsh is married to, we can guess his absolute gender orientation. Per the reports, Matt Walsh is married to a Woman. 

She is an actress, writer, and director. Her name is Morgan Walsh. The duo dated and got married in 2009. They became parents of three children. Jude Walsh, Celia Walsh, and Emmet Walsh are their children. 

Is Matt Walsh Married to a Man or Woman? Let's see the detail.
Matt Walsh by Vonguard licensed under CC BY 2.5

Matt is the biological father of Jude, Celia, and Emmet. Since he even produced kids with his wife, there’s no room for anyone to doubt his sexuality. Besides, Matt is still living with his only wife, Morgan. That’s enough to prove he is straight. 

Final Words 

Sad but true, every comedian is thought to be gay at least once in their life. The comedian Morgan Walsh is also one such comedian. He is considered gay by some people because he keeps his private life under wraps. 

But the truth is something else. Matt Walsh is not gay; he is relatively straight and enjoying long-lasting married life with his only wife, Morgan Walsh, and the three children. 

Never get confused about anyone’s sexuality if they can’t provide much data on their personal life, or you may continue to think straight celebrities are gay.

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