Is Meg Donnelly Related To Abby Donnelly?

Meg Donnelly is a breakout star who has earned her cult after she starred in the Disney Channel original film titled Zombies.

Now that she has installed the Zombie approach, fans have started to dig more about her. They want to find out just anything about the artist.

Is Meg Donnelly Related To Abby Donnelly? How they are connected?
Meg Donnelly by Matty licensed under CC0 1.0

One thing people have caught their attention is her relationship with other actresses. Many are curious: Is Meg Donnelly related to Abby Donnelly?

If you want to find out the relationship between the two, read below.

Who Is Meg Donnelly?

The actress is said to be the breakout star of the entertainment industry. She immediately becomes well-known internationally for her talent. The young star is free-spirited, impeccable, and refreshing. She can add a particular flavor to every project.

The actress is the star of the Disney Channel movie titled Zombies. But her start in the world of entertainment was in print and commercial work, as well as in music. She started acting, dancing, and voice lessons when she was only six. We can say that she is born to be a performer.

Aside from acting, she is also a talented musician, as we have said above. She worked on various projects and performed with big stars such as Avril Lavigne, Alessia Cara, and Steve Aoki.

You can see that she is a very busy person. Her time is spent on the set, touring, or learning another language.

Who Is Abby Donnelly?

Abby Donnelly is a model and actress from California, USA. Her first role was in the Amazon series Just Magic, which aired in 2015.

When that show was offered to her, the actress was only the age of 10. After that show, she was cast for various TV shows, including Suburgatory, Anger Management, and Criminal Minds.

The young artist has always wanted to be a Hollywood actress. It has always been her biggest dream since she was a child. But the actress has not received any award yet. It means that she still has a long way to go to be one of the begging stars in America.

After we have read so much about the two artists, there seems to be nothing that connects the two of them. They might not be related. We can assume that they even have not met in person yet. Or maybe they already had, but they are not close, that’s for sure.

The only things common to the two ladies are their love for the craft they belonged to and their last names, which are the same.

Are Meg Donnelly and Abby Donnelly related? Let's know the truth.
Meg Donnelly by Walt Disney Television
licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

We also do not zero out the chance that they are relatives. There is not much about their personal life on the internet, so we can never be sure.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Meg Donnelly related to Abby Donnelly? No, they are not related in any way. One thing that is common to them is their last names.

And oh, both artists are beautiful in their own ways. They are striving to succeed in the competitive entertainment industry. Check this out: Is Jennifer Garner Related to James Garner? The Secret Revealed!

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