Is Meghan Trainor And Jojo Siwa Sisters? Are They Related?

It’s inevitable for two people in show business to be bffs! Despite the fact that Pop star Meghan Trainor and vocal artist JoJo Siwa sing about completely diverse genres, their friendship has blossomed. 

The word “baby sis” became a catchphrase among Meghan’s admirers when she posted a photo of herself and JoJo on Instagram and called her out as her baby sister. 

Are Meghan Trainor And Jojo Siwa siblings?  How they are related?
Meghan Trainor by Ronald Woan licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Here’s the thing: Meghan Trainor and the young artist JoJo Siwa aren’t related to each other, but most people believe they are sisters or somewhat related to each other. Let’s know more about them! Shall we?

Is JoJo Siwa and Meghan Trainor sisters?

The world would have known if there was any connection between the two stars. Yes, Meghan doesn’t seem to have any family relations with JoJo’s mother. 

Yet, do you know that she began her professional dance career with her sis’ mom on the Lifetime reality show Dance Moms in 2008?

Even though both of them don’t seem to be biologically related, they have a close bond regardless of how it all came about.

Is JoJo Siwa and Meghan Trainor sisters? how they related to each other?
Meghan Trainor by Walt Disney Television
licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

When the American singer-songwriter uploaded a Tik-Tok video with sound-byte “famous relative check,” her fans seemed curious about everything, including her relationship with the dancer. 

Yet, they have neither accepted nor denied it, but they are quite close with each other and carry sister-like bondage despite their age gap. 

So, is Meghan Trainor and Jojo Siwa sisters? “Absolutely not!”

Working Their YouTube Video

In JoJo’s personal YouTube channel, you’ll find a video starring her with Meghan. All throughout, she expressed her delight in the fact that “very excellent people” are aware of her existence and the aspects of her life that she finds most enjoyable. 

Perhaps, she’s referring to the TV personality; she’s making her a prime example. Furthermore, she explained that they were simply fortunate enough to be present at the very same recording studio at the same time.

In the video, the stars ride toward their destination in JoJo’s personal car that was completely covered with her images on the exterior. 

As a matter of fact, the car is real, and she loves driving that vehicle every single day. They sing and dance to each other’s songs, and it’s almost sweet to watch this friendship grow. 

Yet, it is not true that JoJo and Meghan are connected, despite the fantasies of their mutual admirers.

Jojo- Open To Perform A Song Written By Meghan

Meghan makes a joke in the YouTube video about composing a song for JoJo, who looks to be a huge admirer of her. JoJo replied to her joke by saying that she would absolutely love to perform her song. 

As a response, the prominent artist agreed to create a cheerful song with plenty of dancing chances, and JoJo proclaimed that this is their “2022 mission.”

After this, fans will definitely be waiting with bated breath for the next JoJo and Meghan crossover song to be released. 

Because of COVID-19, the former was forced to postpone her DREAM tour, which means she’d have enough time to write songs, maybe including one composed just for her by Meghan. 

It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve known that Meghan Trainor and Joho Siwa are not sisters by blood, only by heart. Even though they are not related, their admirers are delighted with their newfound connection. We hope you’ve also found your bestest friend!

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