Is Meghan Trainor Jewish? What's Her Religious Belief?

Is Meghan Trainor Jewish? This question concerns the people most when the pop singer’s husband made it to the news.

Although her husband, Daryl Sabara, is Jewish, a lot of you probably like to raise questions about the religious beliefs of Meghan Trainor herself.

which religion does Meghan Trainor follow? Is she Jewish? What's her Religious Belief?
Meghan Trainor by tedeytan licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

In this celeb blog post, we will talk in detail the answer to your question: Is Meghan Trainor Jewish or not? But first, we must look at the religious background of the popular artist.

Religious Background

Nantucket jewelers Kelli and his wife Gary Trainor had their daughter Meghan Elizabeth Trainor on December 22, 1993. While Justin is her baby brother by a few years, Ryan is her older brother.

At the age of six, she began to sing with her father, a music teacher, and organist, at a Methodist church where he was also the choir director. 

Motivation and Early Trials

As a child, Trainor revealed a desire to be a recording artist to her father, who pushed her to pursue a career in music. She used Garage-Band, a digital audio workstation, to write and record her first tracks.

She got her start in the music industry, composing her own song, “Heart and Soul” (1938). In her mother’s words, Trainor performed a lot of music “by ear and by heart.” 

Which religion does Meghan Trainor follow?
Meghan Trainor by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Her father always pushed her to try out different kinds of music. At the age of 12, Trainor joined her aunt, younger brother, and father in a cover band called Island Fusion. They performed soca and her compositions, which they alternated between.

She was a four-year member of the group, singing and playing piano, guitar, and bongo drums. When they weren’t opening for Beenie Man, they sang Bob Marley cover songs at bars. The song “Give Me a Chance,” which Trainor penned at 13, was her first solo effort.

Hard Work and Early Success

In the ninth grade, Trainor and her family moved to Orleans, Massachusetts, before settling in North Eastham, Massachusetts.

During her time at Nauset Regional High School (NRHS), the now super star took guitar and trumpet lessons, sang in a jazz band, and was a substitute cheerleader. 

Meghan Trainor religion. Is she religious?
Meghan Trainor by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

While attending songwriting conferences as a teen, Trainor’s parents introduced the vocal artist to venues where production companies searched for new talent. 

She started receiving guitar lessons at the age of 15 from Johnny Spampinato,

a former member of the NRBQ. During this time, the rock star used Logic Studio to record and produce her music, and she later worked on her own in a studio her parents built for her.

Meghan Trainor Religion

She was raised and educated as a Christian, and she has maintained that faith to this day. When she was a youngster, she and her parents went to Methodist Church. Her father played the organ in the church, and it was there that she began her singing career.

It’s A Wrap

With the evidence, we have gathered, and by looking at the religious and personal background of the hottest music sensation, we can derive that Meghan Trainor is a Christian by birth. She has maintained that faith till today.

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