Is Michael Che Gay? Everything About His Sexuality

It’s true; comedians say silly things to make everyone laugh. But this is the prime reason for people to misunderstand them.

If a recognized comedian uses the word ‘Gay’ at least once in his lifetime, it puts their sexuality in doubt and confusion. 

Everything about Michael Che's gay rumors.
Michael Che by Arturo Pardavila III licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is why several people believe Micheal Che could be gay. But how far is this true? Is Michael Che really gay? Luckily no. According to the media, Micheal Che is not gay because he shared his wish to have an unpopular girlfriend in an interview. 

Want to know what he said regarding homosexuality? Also, if there’s anyone he dated until now, continue reading. 

Is Michael Che Gay? 

Michelle Che is not gay. His sexuality may seem mysterious to some people. However, it’s not. He will not get into relationships unless he finds someone ordinary. The comedian is still looking for a partner. 

His singleness is the reason why most people think him gay. But we didn’t find any evidence supporting the claim that Che is homosexual. In his interviews or comedy shows, he didn’t mention himself as gay. 

Besides, it’s not only his singleness but there is another reason people confuse his gender orientation with homosexuality. Next, we will take a look at that reason. 

Why Is Michael Che Considered Gay? 

Since Michael is a comedian, he makes jokes about many things. In one of his shows, the actor supported gay marriage through his comedy. He spoke in a way that it seemed gay marriage should be considered normal as heterosexual marriage. 

He said, “I’m for equal rights, and I think it’s weird that I have to say that. I think everybody should have the same rights as everybody else. I don’t know what people are afraid of with gay marriage.

What do you think is going to happen? It’s a weird thing. I heard this one dude who was like come on, man; we can’t let gay people get married. 

What’s next, people are gonna want to marry animals? and I’m like, yeah probably; who gives a s**t? I don’t. I eat animals; you wanna fu*k, that’s your business. I’m pretty sure I’m doing the worst thing.” 

This clip was even cut off the record and shared on social media. The way Michael Che supported gay marriage is pretty extreme that he even allowed people to fu*k animals.

This not only disappointed some but also created confusion about his sexual orientation. This is Because he wants to normalize gay marriage. 

Is Michael Che Straight? 

Micheal Che is straight, according to media reports. Although the actor has not shared his sexual label with the public on his own, the media speculations tell us he is heterosexual.

Currently, the cute and funny man is looking for a female partner and is willing to stay single until he finds someone regular and not widespread. 

Final Words

The comedian of ‘That Damn Michael Che’ quickly filled his career with success. He became so beloved that even some of his jokes are taken seriously. But this not only brought him love but also doubts. 

His sexuality is being doubted and is under speculation since he joked about gay marriage. While he is humorous nature explained gay marriage is something we shouldn’t hate, some audience took it seriously. 

He has been thought homosexual because he tried to justify homosexual marriage. But is Micheal Che gay? The answer is no. The star is not gay, as per verified media reports. 

But if anyone wants to point at his single life to prove he is gay, it’s funny because most straight people in this world are staying single for years since they haven’t found the right person they want to be with, just like Michael Che. 

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