Is Michael Strahan Gay? What is his Sexuality?

The most unacceptable part of becoming a celebrity is they’re always judged. Once a rumor spreads, it’s hard to get rid of it. Michael Strahan, who is not gay, was and is still believed to be homosexual by a few groups. 

Is Michael Strahan Gay? A close look at his sexuality.
Michael Strahan by Stephen Luke licensed under CC BY 2.0

But what do you think? Can a man who married two women, has four kids and has a relationship with an opposite-sex person be gay? Here’s everything you will get shocked knowing about Michael Strahan’s struggles to stop gay rumors about him.

Gay Rumors Sparked About Michael Strahan After His Ex-wife Accused Him With Extramarital Affair with Ian Smith 

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Jean Muggli accused the journalist and former NFL player of having an extramarital affair while she was his wife. She said it was doctor Ian Smith that he had a relationship. 

She also told the court that Strahan was irresponsible and careless about his family and kids. But none of the accusations was proven right—especially the false claims about Strahan’s sexuality. 

Because it’s not only him but also Ian said he couldn’t be with a man because he is satisfied with his married life.

Gay Rumors Sparked About Michael Strahan After His Ex-wife Accused Him With Extramarital Affair with Ian Smith.
Michael Strahan by HeathBrandon
licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

He loves his wife so much. After his denial, most fans understood that Michael Strahan was straight. 

Michael Strahan’s Love Life Hints At Him Being Super Straight 

Michael Strahan is not straight, but we think he is super straight. He is a lady killer because the prominent T.V. personality made several women get involved with him in love. 

Here’s a little list of females that Michael Strahan married and dated after getting divorced. 

Wanda Hutchins 

Neither Wanda nor Michael shared their story of falling in love and getting departed. However, it’s known that the duo were in love before they decided to get married. In 1992 they tied the knot. 

They stayed together for four years and became parents of two beautiful children. Their son is Michael Anthony Strahan Jr., and their daughter is Tanita Strahan. They lived a happy life together till 1996, and for an unknown reason, the couple got a mutual divorce. 

Jean Muggli 

After three years of loneliness, Strahan decided to get married again. In 1999 they married. After seven years of togetherness, they split.

Jean said her reason for splitting with him was his affair with Ian Smith, which she couldn’t prove later. They enjoyed parenthood by having two daughters, Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan. 

Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, got engaged to Michael Strahan in 2009. Of course, they dated before making such a big decision. She is also famous as an actress. 

Everything was going smoothly between the two until 2014. She found out the former NFL football player cheated on her with another woman at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. 

Kayla Quick

His last open affair was with Kayla Quick, a media personality. She is mainly famous as Michael Strahan’s girlfriend. They have been spotted many times together. 

The first time the couple were captured together was in 2015 in Los Angeles and also in 2016. They were later reportedly spotted together in 2018 and 2019. There is no news of them breaking up, which hints that Michael Strahan and Kayla Quick are still dating. 

We have seen Michael dating only females. If he were gay, he would have been captured by paparazzi dating a man. So, let’s not trust the rumors and believe he is heterosexual. 

Final Words

Michael Strahan is a multi-talented person. He was a footballer and became a journalist and host on various popular T.V. shows. 

He had to go through court troubles and controversy for her ex-wife Jean Muggli. She told the court that Michael was disrespectful and careless towards her because he lived in Ian’s apartment, pointing at their unconfirmed relationship. 

But later, Ian Smith cleared things up, and slowly gay rumors faded when Strahan once again got involved with actress Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

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