Is Miley Cyrus Gay or Bisexual? What’s Her Sexuality?

An American artist Miley Cyrus, popular and famous for her unique raspy voice in her music, incorporates various styles and fashions, including pop star, testing, and rock. 

In the 21st century, a female artist has earned the most of US Billboard 200 top-five albums with thirteen entrances. 

What's Miley Cyrus' sexuality? Is she gay, bi, or straight?
Miley Cyrus by Vanessa Ip licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer’s public figure, intimate life, and performances have frequently been the subject of across-the-board media coverage and controversy. 

However, the singer sparked backlash for statements about her sexuality on Instagram Live with her boyfriend. Surrounding her controversial activity, people question her sexuality Is Miller Cyrus Gay.

Is Miley Cyrus Gay?

No, Miley is not gay. Either she doesn’t feel gay, or she doesn’t feel bisexual. However, it struggled her much to recognize her identity.

When she first identified her sexual orientation at a young age, her family couldn’t understand her point of view.

She was eagerly waiting to label out her identity. Finally, the open book singer and actress came out as a pansexual.

Miley Cyrus Revealed Her Sexuality 

An American Miley Cyrus has ever been an open book and real on her sexual orientation. WhetherShe’s consistently wonderfully real, whether she’s speaking about politics or refusing to perform on red carpets.

During a recent interview, there was no exception with Variety. Cyrus discussed everything and also talked regarding what it conveys to be pansexual.

She stated more to Variety that it didn’t apprehend her gender and sexuality in her whole life. 

The singer and songwriter hated the word ‘bisexual’ because it forced her into a box. Never feel about a person being a boy or being a girl. 

Miley clarified more about what she experienced in someone who was recognized as gender-neutral at an LGBTQ center.

It supported her understanding and discovery of her gender identity and connected to that person further than anyone in her life. However, someone may not notice as neutral as she feels consistently and wonderfully real.

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer stated that understanding her gender and specifying it as “unassigned” supported her a better understanding of her sexuality. 

She liked her sexuality, didn’t feel straight, and didn’t feel gay because she was not. The open book singer revealed that it was originally challenging for her to reach out to her conservative family and since reached acceptance. 

When Did Miley Realize Her Sexual Orientation?

Miley Cyrus first realized her sexual orientation when she was in the fifth or sixth grade that she was not straight. Hence, the American singer realized she was pansexual, which she expressed to Variety. 

Miley went to the LGBTQ community center here in L. A and started listening to these stories. She noticed a person who couldn’t identify as male or female.

She felt that she was the first gender-neutral character ever she met and understood the gender further, which was unallocated; later, she understood more about her sexuality.

What Is Pansexuality Means? (Explained Miley Cyrus)

Pansexuality also understood as omnisexuality, is interested in people of any sex or gender identity, which is not identical to bisexuality; it represents alluring over one gender. 

While it attracted bisexuals to men and women, men, women fascinate pansexuals, cisgender individuals, transgender people, intersex characters, and a person who specifies anywhere else on the continuity.

Final Verdict 

Therefore, the above information will help you understand Miley Cyrus’ sexuality. Further, if we can reach any updates on her personal life soon, we will provide you soon.

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