Is NBA YoungBoy Still Dating Jazlyn Mychelle in 2022? 

NBA YoungBoy’s relationship status is always a matter of discussion with his fans. The superstar has been doing something incredible. It seems he likes to have a lot of children. 

Unfortunately, he made many women a mother but didn’t keep a long-term relationship with them. As of 2020, Jazlyn Mychelle is known to be his current girlfriend and the mother of his daughter Alice. So, is NBA YoungBoy still dating Jazlyn Mychelle in 2022? 

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Yes, the two are still dating because, on 28th September 2022, YoungBoy posted a picture of his 10th child, a boy, on his official Instagram. He also posted a video of Jazlyn Mychelle showing her baby bump, titled “Purge Me.”

If you want to know more about their dating, including how they met and who was the first to approach them, continue ready till the end of the article. 

Is NBA YoungBoy Still Dating Jazlyn Mychelle in 2022? 

If you are not a newbie fan of YoungBoy, you already know who his girlfriend is. In 2020 Jazlyn and YoungBoy began to date. The couple also didn’t take long to become parents. 

In 2021 they had their first child, a daughter who’s known as Alice. Michelle gave birth to her a few months after Yaya Mayweather welcomed a child. The ‘Right Foot Creep’ singer is still with Jazlyn Mychelle. 

A few days earlier, on 28th September, the duo shared the news of becoming parents of their second baby, a boy. However, the rapper hasn’t shared much information about his baby boys, such as his name or weight. 

But their second child tells it all that his parents, NBA YoungBoy and Jazlyn Mychelle, are still dating in 2022. 

Are NBA YoungBoy and Jazlyn Mychelle Married?

The ‘Put It On Me singer is famous enough as the father of 10 children. He has dated several women, and his final or current dating partner is YouTuber Jazlyn Mychelle. But who is he married to? Is NBA YoungBoy married to Jazlyn Mychelle? 

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No, the couple is not married. They haven’t shared any such news. Since YoungBoy shares news about his children, he wouldn’t mind sharing the information about getting married. The duo may or may not be thinking of getting married but let’s keep waiting until we hear it from the media. 

Are NBA YoungBoy and Jazlyn Mychelle Engaged? 

It seems the NBA YoungBoy and Jazlyn Mychelle are engaged; however, they haven’t confirmed it. Fans and media assumed the couple to be involved depending on the speculations. 

A group of fans found the ‘Bandit’ rapper posted a picture holding a diamond ring. The same call was seen on Mychelle’s finger when YoungBoy posted her baby bump picture. 

How did NBA YoungBoy and His Fiancee Mychelle Met? 

It’s interesting to know how your favorite celebrity and lover met and fell in love, right? You must be thinking about how the love story of YoungBoy and his present girlfriend started. 

Sadly we couldn’t find the details on how the two met and fell for each other, but we do know that they met in the summer of 2020. 

At first, they had a usual friendship, but it quickly turned into a relationship after Jazlyn approached YoungBoy. Everyone knows the rest. They are dating and have two children. 

Final Words

Unlike other celebrities, YoungBoy caught more people’s attention for being the father of 10 children at just 22 years old.

Most followers knew his final girlfriend was Jazlyn, but she was also his current dating partner. The duo hasn’t split and recently had their second baby.

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