Is Nicholas Hoult Gay? A Close Look at His Sexuality

Nicholas Hoult was successful to get noticed for his remarkable performance in the movie “About a Boy” as a child artist. He played the Marcus Brewer character brilliantly. That was just the beginning of his shining career. 

He then acted in Hugh Grant and The Weather Man in 2005. In 2007 he was cast in the Skins series from where all the gay controversies of his life started. His role in that series made viewers ask, “is Nicholas Hoult gay?” 

What's Nicholas Hoult's sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
Nicholas Hoult by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Nicholas Hoult is not gay. He is straight. Although there is no statement from him about his sexual orientation his love life suggests we accept him as heterosexual. 

Here are more interesting facts about how the gay rumors started and how his dating life helped us assume his gender orientation. 

Is Nicholas Hoult Gay? 

Nicholas Hoult is not gay as per media reports. The actor was interior several times but no interview directed us to his sexuality. Hoult hasn’t spoken about his sexual interests publicly. 

Hence, thinking him gay without his confirmation is unfair. However, we can easily assume whether he is gay or straight looking at his relationship history. 

Is Nicholas Hoult Straight? 

Nicholas Hoult hasn’t verified himself as straight or gay. From his interviews, we couldn’t find anything relatable to his sexuality. 

Is                                                                                    Nicholas Hoult Straight? What's his sexual orientation?
Nicholas Hoult by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

But information about his relationship has helped us understand his gender orientation. The ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ actor’s list of girlfriends hinted at him as heterosexual. 

His Sexuality is interpreted as Straight as he has been dating women only.

How the Gay Rumors About Nicholas Hoult Sparked? 

If he is straight then why does the question exist, “is Nicholas Hoult gay?” Well, it’s because the actor did gay stuff in the series named, ‘Skins.’ he played the role of Tony. There is a scene where he kissed Max, another character in the series. 

In another clip, Tony (Nicholas) kisses Max again when he comes to visit him. He played a gay role and since then gay rumors are swirling over the internet.

We must mention many British actors played gay roles in different films. Usually, straight actors are chosen to play homosexual rules, but why? It’s still a mystery. 

Nicholas Hoult’s Girlfriend List Clarifies His Sexuality

Hoult is a hot shot from the day he entered the entertainment industry. From his earlier career till now, he is a dream boy to his female fans and celebrities that he dated. 

Victoria Justice 

His first-ever girlfriend was Victoria Justice. Rumors say the two hooked up after meeting and falling in love in 2009.

Victoria Justice was rumorly date Nicholas Hoult.
Victoria Justice by orangesporanges licensed under CC BY 2.0

No reports were found regarding their break up. Both Hoult and Justice kept quiet about the relationship rumors. 

Jennifer Lawrence

The Mad Max: Fury Road actor began dating 85th Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence in 2010. They were a great couple till 2014. 

Tatiana Luter 

Rumors say Tatiana Luter and Hoult became close in 2013 for a short period. However, none of the actors addressed this claim. 

Riley Keough 

Riley Keough is also another rumored girlfriend of Nicholas. Stories say the couple hooked up in April 2014 and split in the same year. 

Dianna Agron 

Diana and Nicholas were a pair according to some reliable sources. The two most probably hid their relationship or didn’t want to confirm them as a couple since their journey of love was too short. 

Kristen Stewart

Stewart and Hoult were an item back in January 2016. It seemed they were a couple and rumors suggest they had a short-term affair. 

Bryana Holly

Bryana Holly is his final and present girlfriend of Nicholas. The couple met in 2017 and became partners. They are still dating. Although the duo hasn’t gotten engaged or married, they are living together happily with their son Joaquin.

Final Words 

If you had confusion regarding Nicholas Hoult’s sexuality, it’s pretty obvious you would. A lot of his fans were also asking online whether he is gay. It’s because he acted as gay in the “Skins” series. 

Things got worse when the actor kept silent on comments on his gender orientation and didn’t say anything to address it. Maybe he knows, his dating history is enough to prove him straight. 

We’ve seen the “Equals” actor making only girlfriends and not boyfriends. Besides, his romantic life with his present girlfriend is crucial evidence that dismisses any false claim regarding his sexual orientation.

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