Is Nicholas Hoult Related to Tom Cruise? Truth Revealed 

Who doesn’t know the famous actor Tom Cruise? He is well renowned across the world for mostly playing action-hero characters. Nicholas Hoult is also another famous actor from England. 

They have a good relationship, so Cruise once picked Hoult to act in Mission Impossible 7 with him. Their closeness brought a question to the followers, is Nicholas Hoult related to Tom Cruise? 

Is Nicholas Hoult Related to Tom Cruise? Let's see.
Nicholas Hoult by Montclair Film licensed under CC BY 2.0

Nicholas Hoult and Tom Cruise are not related. Tom is an American. On the other hand, Nicholas is British. Their father, mother, brother, sisters, and partners are different. 

Here’s everything you would want to know about the actor’s relationship with one another. 

Usually, questions like “is a specific actor related to another particular actor?” comes when the two individual celebrities have something in common. 

Nicholas Hoult and Tom Cruise have nothing similar, yet why the question arose if they are related? Most probably because Hoult once got an offer for ‘Mission Impossible 7’ from Tom Cruise. But later, he wasn’t cast in the movie. 

So, are Nicholas and Tom related? It would help if you learned about their backgrounds to understand that. 

Nicholas Hoult Details

Hoult’s career started when he was just a seven years old kid. He was cast in the film “Intimate Relations.” The actor, however, couldn’t get much noticed until he did his life’s second movie, “About a Boy,” in 2002. 

From then, he kept getting offers for popular series and movies, including Skins, Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool 2, and more. He drew his first breath in 1989 in the United Kingdom. Hence, he is British by birth. 

Nicholas Hoult Parents

Hoult is the child of a former English pilot, Roger. Nicholas’s mother used to teach piano. The couple gave birth to four children, of which Hoult is the most prominent. 

Nicholas Hoult Siblings

The “Warm Bodies” actor has three siblings; two of them are his sisters, and the other one is his brother. His elder sister is a British actress Rosanna Hoult who worked in Kill Your Friends and Lobster films. She is five years older than her since Rosanna was welcomed in 1984. 

Clarista Hoult was born in 1992. It means she is four years younger than Nicholas. She is also trying to be a part of the entertainment industry. 

Nicholas Hoult’s eldest brother is James Hoult. He drew his first breath in 1977. There is less information about him. 

Nicholas Hoult Partners 

Jack, the Giant Slayer actor, has one partner at present. She is a famous personality named Bryana Holly. The couple is not married; they live together and have a child. 

Tom Cruise Details

Tom is an American. He saw the light on 3rd July 1962. He began his career as an actor and later became a producer also. 

Tom                                                                                    Cruise family Details. Let's see he's related to Nicholas Hoult or not.
Tom Cruise by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He earned national fame by acting in Top Gun and Risky Business. Cruise gained international popularity by working in all mission impossible film series. He is one of the few actors who gets the highest payment. 

Tom Cruise Parents

Cruise is the son of Thomas Mapother iii, an electrical engineer, and Mary Lee Pfeiffer, a teacher. The couple broke up soon, and Mary married Jack South, Tom Cruise’s Step Father. 

Tom Cruise Siblings

The Mummy actor has three sisters. Cass Mapother is the oldest sibling. Her date of birth is unknown. The Second oldest sibling is most probably Lee Ann Mapother. 

She is three years older than Tom and was born in 1959. Marin Mapother is the third eldest sibling, as she was welcomed to the family in 1961. The Eyes Wide Shut actor is only a year younger than Marian. 

Tom Cruise Partners

The prominent actor and producer married three times in his life. Her first wife was Mimi Rogers, who he got married to in 1987 and divorced in 1990. 

Nicole Kidman is his second wife. They got married in 1990 and split in 2001. Katie Holmes was Cruise’s last wife. They tied the knot in 2006 and ended everything in 2012. 

Both actors have everything different. While Tom Cruise was born and raised in America, Nicholas Hoult was welcomed and grew up in England. Their parents, siblings, and even life partners are also not the same. So there is no chance for them to be related to each other. 

Final Words 

Is Nicholas Hoult related to Tom Cruise? No, they are not. They don’t share anything similar. Both the actor’s family members and life partners are different. 

They were even born in two different countries. They have a usual friendly relationship like all other celebrities have with one another.

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