Is P. Diddy Gay? Who is Diddy’s Boyfriend?

Sean Love Combs, popularly known as P. Diddy, is a male rapper and record producer. He has recently been the talk of the town by appreciating two males kissing each other while performing.

He has been told that he is gay because of this event. But his followers have been divided into two opinions on this event.

What's P. Diddy's sexuality? Is he gay? Who's his boyfriend?
P Diddy By Shamsuddin Muhammad licensed under CC BY 2.0

You will get to know what actually happened at that event and what Diddy actually told about his sexuality!

Is P. Diddy Gay?

P. Diddy was doubted and rumored to be gay before, and his sexuality has been in question again after his tweet regarding a recent event.

Diddy praised Lil Nas X on Twitter for his steamy performance at Bet Awards 2021. But the question arose as Lil Nas wrapped up that performance with a passionate kiss with one of his male backup dancers.

Diddy tweeted, saying, “Lil Nas X did that!! Be fearless!!” This tweet has started a storm of comments on social media. Some of his followers have started speculating him as gay and commenting onwards.

For example, one of his followers retweeted that Diddy should ‘come out of the closet,’ which means he should reveal his sexuality.

Is P. Diddy Gay? what's his sexual orientation?
P Diddy by John Seb Barber licensed under CC BY 2.0

While some of his followers are saying that Diddy is just supporting the gay community. Diddy hasn’t made any comment on his sexual orientation yet.

Who Is Diddy’s Boyfriend?

This is not the first time when Diddy’s sexual orientation has been questioned. He was also rumored to be gay in 2018 when he hopped on a verse of Blood Sugar’s song called ‘Hope.’

Two men were seen embracing each other in the music video. The lyrics of this song also meant something different to the listeners.

He rapped, “You know it’s like you want something…But you don’t know if you can handle it…Maybe one day I will get over my fears, and I‘ll receive.”

But his relationship interests don’t prove him as gay. He has been in a relationship with several high-profile women. Diddy dated Misa Hylton Brim and became a father too! In the ’90s, he dated Kim Porter, but they broke up in 1999.

Later in 1999, Diddy started dating Jennifer Lopez, and they broke up in 2001. He reconciled with Kim in 2003 and got finally separated in 2007. He started dating Cassie Ventura since then but confirmed about them.

Sadly they broke up in 2018. After this breakup, he was rumored to date Gina Huynah, and she even talked about their relationship on a TV show! Diddy was also rumored to date Lori Harvey from July 2019 to October 2019.

Who Is Diddy’s Boyfriend? Did he date any male?
P Diddy by David Shankbone licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Diddy is possibly dated Miracle Watts as their pictures and captions mean! He was also doubted to be dating Caresha Brownlee and Daphne Joy too. In his love life, he was also rumored to date 2 more women, and they gave birth to his children.

He is not even rumored to date anyone of the same sex. So, it is quite clear that Diddy, in his love life, always showed interest towards women and became the father of several children!


Still, critics claim that Diddy is gay. While talking about Diddy during an interview, 50 cents claimed that Diddy is gay. Wendy Williams has also claimed that Diddy is gay.

Despite all these rumors and gossips over the internet, Diddy has never confirmed nor denied gay rumors.

Now we can only wait to see if Diddy opens up about his sexual orientation or he continues to play mind games with his followers this year too.

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