Is Paul Hollywood Gay? Paul Hollywood's Gay Controversy

Paul Hollywood is an English celebrity chef of the British TV baking series called The Great British Bake-off.

Paul has gained global recognition because the show is so prevalent in Great Britain. He was born in Wallasey, Cheshire, in the United Kingdom, in 1966.

What's Pau Hollywood's sexual orientation? Is he gay or straight?
Paul Hollywood by Rinkydinkpanther licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

This celebrity’s fans & followers are confused about his sexual orientation if he is gay or not. The most logical reason behind it is that the host of the show Matt Lucas claimed paul as a gay man.

If you are a great fan of Paul Hollywood’s, continue reading this article; thus,  you will get to know the truth.

Is Paul Hollywood Gay?: Truth Revealed!

The answer is obviously no. Paul Hollywood is not gay; he is just a straight man. Here we will inform you one after another.

Paul Hollywood has a relationship with a woman named Melissa Spalding. Professionally, this lady works at his local pub. She is 37 years old. T

hey have been staying together since December 2019. Paul Hollywood also had another relationship with a woman named Summer Monteys-Fulham. 

Moreover, Paul was married to Alexandra Hollywood, who is a pretty woman. They were together for more than 20 years. This couple has a son named Josh. He is 17 years old.

So, all this information indicates

that Paul Hollywood is not gay.

Paul Hollywood’s Married Life

Hollywood’s marriage is an exciting topic of people’s interest. Though Paul tried to keep his personal life private, it came publicly.

Well, Paul married Alexandra in 1998. In 1996, they met with each other in Cyprus. At that time, they were involved at a five-star hotel.

Paul worked as a head baker & Alexandra worked as a scuba diving instructor. They gave birth to their son in 2001.

But they got separated in 2019 & ended their 20 years relationship. Why did they break up, do you know? Let’s find out!

Alexandra assured that the reason for their separation was Paul was continuing a relationship with his American Baking Competition co-star.

In 2013, this couple reunited for the sake of their son’s bright future. Paul admitted that the affair was his biggest mistake & he shouldn’t do that. But the fact is they again broke up in 2017 & declared their marriage ultimately ended up.

Why Did These Rumors Begin?: Reason Behind It

As I have already said previously, Matt Lucas, the co-host of the Great British Bake-off season 11, created the rumors. How did he make it?

Well, Matt said, “And you call yourself a gay man” after hearing the news that Paul had never been to any shows in the West End.

The west end is a well-known place worldwide. It is the place in London where most tourist attractions, government buildings, shops, businesses, entertainment venues, a theatre district are located.

The situation occurred when both of them were looking forward to a competitive baker’s West End-themed cake. Usually, the cake is indicated for the showstopper challenge. The statement was utterly a joke made by Lucas, which made Paul’s fans confused.

Matt Lucas’s joke made Paul’s sexuality a controversial topic. Thus, it is pretty clear now that Hollywood is not gay.


Have you got the article? Hopefully, this article will be beneficial for you. If you have any quires regarding this topic, feel free to knock us. At last, I must say that Paul Hollywood is an intelligent person. 

Because of his intelligence, he is still so famous to his fans & followers. Now, people understand the truth.

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