Is Pete Davidson Jewish? Which Religion Does He Follow? 

Pete Davidson is loved for his sense of humor. No wonder why he became a 21st-century legendary comedian and actor.

Since he came under the spotlight, his supporters grew interested in his family, love life, and religion. 

Pete Davidson is Jewish and he's religious as well.
Pete Davidson by imactuallygia licensed under CC BY 3.0

Most of this comedian’s fans don’t know much about which religion he is from. Is Pete Davidson Jewish? If you, too, had this question running around your head, you should know the answer is positive. 

Pete Davidson is Jewish because his father was Jewish. Besides, the actor admitted that he secretly wanted to be Jewish. After testing his ancestry DNA, the results came that he is 48% Jewish. 

Check his interview where he spoke about when he discovered his religion and how religious the Saturday Night Live show’s cast member is. 

Is Pete Davidson Jewish? 

If you don’t know which religion Pete Davidson belongs to, it’s lovely as the comedian discovered his faith in 2017. Since his father was a Jew, the question comes, “is Pete Davidson Jewish?” Yes, he is. The comedian discussed it in an interview. 


described himself as an Irish Jew. Pete said, “I’m just an Irish Jew… My mom was Irish; my dad was Jewish. I just found out this year (2017). My mom never just told me.” The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor later shared that he found out he is 48% Jewish after taking an ancestry DNA test. [Source: YouTube check at 5:10]

How Religious is Pete Davidson? 

Pete Davidson shared his religion with the public but never answered how religious he was. Although it seems he is not a strict Jew. The comedian and actor came to know about his religion late in 2017. 

He doesn’t know much about Jewish cultures and rules. But he firmly said that he wanted to be Jewish. Davidson said with spirit, “I always wanted to be Jewish.” That’s enough to prove that he believes in the Jewish faith. 

Final Words

Religion is an excellent matter for both celebrities and ordinary people. Hence, fans are always curious to learn about Pete Davidson’s religion. Is he Jewish? 

Suppose you are hoping for him to be Jewish, then no need to be hopeless because Pete is Jewish. According to him, he desired to be a Jew from his heart. Hence he said he always wanted to be Jewish.

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