Is Queen Latifah Gay? What is her Sexual Orientation?

Queen Latifah, a megastar in the American entertainment industry, leads a very private life. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, rapper, and actor, all at once.

However, she keeps her personal life to herself and is a notorious secret keeper. This brings a thousand questions to her fans’ minds, one of which is: ‘Is Queen Latifah gay?’ If not, what is her sexual orientation?

Is Queen Latifah Gay? What's her actual sexuality?
Queen Latifah by Sister Circle TV licensed under CC BY 3.0

Well, to keep up with fans like you, we have added this blog to answer your queries regarding Queen Latifah’s sexual orientation. If you want to know more, keep on reading below!

What is Queen Latifah’s Sexual Orientation?

Since the rapper achieved fame in the industry, her sexual orientation has been in question among her fans. Because why not? She neither denies nor confirms any rumors about her sexual orientation as she is called ‘gay.’ This increases the curiosity among her fans.

Unlike other celebrities, such as Jodie Foster, Elton John, and many others, Latifah has always shown reluctance to express herself in front of the world. This does not mean she is afraid to come out, but she is not interested in doing so.

The multi-talented star believes she should not be responsible for expressing her personal life to the public. Her work, which is entertainment, is what she has as a responsibility to give to the public.

What does Queen Latifah’s dating history tell about her sexuality?

Here come the logical reasons that Queen Latifah is not afraid of her sexuality, even though she does not express it openly. In the past, Latifah had many rumored girlfriends. Sometimes she was seen on a yacht with her rumored girlfriend.

She has also been spotted outside a restaurant in a cozy position after a date. As we have mentioned before, we can’t guarantee whether those ladies were actually her girlfriends or not. That is because the superstar never confirmed anything publically.

However, since 2013, she has been dating her long-time girlfriend, Ebony Nicols, who is a choreographer. Although, in the initial phase of their relationship, Ebony was also her rumored girlfriend.

This was due to a lack of confirmation. However, their relationship was confirmed when the duo had a son together in 2019. Latifah also expressed her love for her partner and her son at an awards ceremony.   

Final Thoughts

It does not matter if Queen Latifah expresses her sexuality herself or not; it is already clear from her dating history and current relationship status that the 52-year-old American superstar is gay/ lesbian.

It is natural to be private about certain things, and Queen Latifah is no different. Whether she tells it or not, people are always going to be judgemental when things are outside the norm.

Just because other gay celebrities have come out does not mean she has to follow in their footsteps as well. After all, it is a matter of choice!

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