Is Richard Madden Gay? What’s Richard’s Sexuality?


As a fan of Hollywood stars, we acknowledge Richard Madden, who was the foremost king in the north, the Rob Stark, from Game Of Thrones.

Besides this, the Scottish actor was in the spotlight for his excellent performance. However, the fans of Madden adored him not only for his outstanding personality and appealing looks.

Richard Madden isn't gay. Let's know more about his sexuality.
Richard Madden by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Although sometimes he was talk of the media’s news for being in several relationships. But Nowadays, most lovers of Madden frequently ask, Is Richard Madden Gay.

Further, the fans are curious about playing a role in the gay character in a Rocketman movie. The Rocketman is versatile and can suit any character he undertakes.

For this reason, he successfully sported a gay role in the Movie, which fetched his actual-life sexuality into focus. 

Is Richard Madden Gay?

Based on the love life scenario, it seems Richard Madden is not gay. However, the Scottish actor has not declared his sexuality for now.

After observing his love life and dating the woman proves that he is interested in the opposite sex. According to the source, there are rumors about Madden having a relationship and dating Brandon Flynn. 

Brandon Flynn is an actor and artist from America. Indeed, Richard Madden prefers to keep these things confidential. Whenever somebody asked about his sexuality, he ever declined to talk.

As per the online sources, Richard and Brandon have been noticed quite a few times together and, after being found multiple times, raised questions about Richard’s sexuality.

The topic is more questionable while Richard performed the character of a gay in the movie Eternals, which made humans more doubtful of Richard’s sexuality. Although The Eternals actor may be gay, or maybe not, we cannot conclude based on rumors.

Refused To Answer About The Gay

In the past, Richard Madden has dated plenty of women, leading to the possibility of being gay. However, his portrait of gay characters and rumored relationship with the openly gay Brandon Flynn has released suspicion over Richard Madden’s sexuality. 

According to his star courtesy in RocketmanThe Guardian questioned him about his character in the movie, which doesn’t match their real-life sexualities. 

Maddens stated that he believes in diversity and wants to represent it, so he focuses on the best actor of the part. Then he declined to express his intimate life or address any assumption surrounding it.

The New York Times also persuaded Richard into conversing about his private life and became face-to-face with the Scottish actor brick wall.

Further, he stated that he kept his personal life personal and never spoke about his relationships. 


Was Richard Madden In A Relationship With Brandon Flynn?

The fans preferably started questioning, in early 2019, “Is Richard Madden Gay?” While separating from Ellie Bamber, the fans gossiped that the Scottish actor would be with Brandon Flynn.

These rumors appeared when Richard and “13 Reasons Why

actor Brandon was continually encountered together in LA.

As per the source, their relationship strengthened when they started living together. However, Richard never assured his relationship with Brandon and even denied talking regarding his intimate life.

But as for now, it appears like the Scottish actor, and Brandon Flynn parted routes because Brandon proclaimed the unit at Versace not to invite him for the party. 

Final Verdict

In decline, it can say that After the above information, it is not clear about Richard Madden’s sexuality. In a past relationship, we can determine that he is not gay. Further, if we collect any updates on his sexual orientation, we will reach out soon. 

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