Is Rick Steves Gay? What’s his Sexuality?

Rick Steves is a well-known American personality who is a travel enthusiast and a social worker in real life. Among his passions for such things, he chose to be a travel writer, author, and social activist. After his graduation, he was a traveling teacher and a piano teacher for a short time.

His personal life is somewhat hidden because Rick never talks about it. But, if you are a fan, you would likely be interested in knowing his life.

Is Rick Steves Gay? What’s Rick Steves Sexuality?
Rick Steves by CarlosManzanoPHOTOs licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

So, let us cover his sexual orientation here. Is Rick Steves Gay? What is Rick Steves’ sexuality?

Well, it is a pretty sensitive topic to talk about, but let’s extract some information on his sexual orientation based on some hints and assumptions.

Is Rick Steves Gay?

Rick Steves has never talked about his sexual orientation to the public or media. He is a very private man and tries to avoid mixing his personal and professional life.

However, he is very passionate about his career and always showed the best of his travel experiences through his words. 

However, after his divorce from his wife Anne Stevens in 2010, Rick’s single life has caused many people to question his sexual orientation. He was married to Anne for nearly two decades and they share two grown-up children together. 

However, after his divorce from Anne, he chose to remain single and focus more on his career. This triggered many people to think he might have changed his sexual orientation

. However, Rick Steves did not pay heed to these rumors and has not made a public statement either way. 

What Does Rick Steves’ Dating Life Tell us about his Sexual Orientation?

Rick Steves married his long-time girlfriend, Anne Steves, in the ’80s. They were happily married till 2010, when the couple decided to divorce each other. Rick and Anne have two children; a boy and a girl named Andy Steves and Jackie Steves.

What Does Rick Steves’ Dating Life Tell us about his Sexual Orientation?
Rick Steves by Andrew Bossi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5

After his split with Anne, Rick was single and did not date anyone for a long time. However, almost nine years after the split, in 2019, Rick found love in Shelley Brian Wee, a Bishop by profession. The two have been dating since then and sharing much of their travel time together.  

Final Thoughts

So, all these instances show that Rick Steves is not gay. In fact, he is a straight man who is only interested in the opposite sex. 

Assuming someone’s sexual orientation is a sensitive topic indeed, and very few people talk about it. Rick Steves has chosen to stay silent on this. 

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