Is Rihanna Gay? What's Rihanna's Sexual Orientation?

We know Rihanna for her blistering music videos. But the feisty pop star wants to take it further. She even starred in a bodice-ripping film.

She is very particular about the play that she wishes to take. The singer revealed in one interview that she would love to take the role of an assassin. 

Is Rihanna Gay or straight? What's her sexuality?
Rihanna by oouinouin licensed under CC BY 2.0

If not, she wants to be a lesbian or even both. Furthermore, Rihanna claimed that nothing is hotter than a gay assassin.

With such a confession, many have speculated that the Barbadian singer is bisexual. A lot of her fans have been asking what’s the fashion designer sexual orientation is. Is Rihanna gay?

All of that, we’ll be given answers today. Keep reading and find out about Rihanna sexuality.

What’s Rihanna’s Sexual Orientation?

The Grammy Award-winning artist is a straight woman. But she is always in support of her fans who are members of LGBTQ. She is a straight ally.

Over the years, several straight women have been considered gay icons. This includes Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Cher, and Donna Summer. 

What's Rihanna's Sexual Orientation? Is she gay?
Rihanna By Liam Mendes Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

All of them boost the confidence of their LGBTQ fans. They even tried to address the existing issues in the community. Another icon who deserves the title of being gay is Rihanna. She is the black Madonna who seizes every moment of life. This makes her a true symbol of gay icons. 

Is Rihanna Bisexual?

Many people have speculated that the international superstardom is bisexual. In the controversial book of Tajah Burton, who is a Hollywood model and socialite, she sparked off those speculations about the singer being bisexual. The book is entitled Low Down Dirty Shame. This hasn’t been published yet, but there are leakages on the web. 

Burton revealed that she and the Barbadian singer had previously had an affair in the book. When the legendary singer was 22 years old, she once admitted attraction to women.

Burton shared in the book about the amazing connection she and the singer have. But she does not name who it was because Burton is not ready. Although she mentioned listening to some of her music.

Rihanna Companionship For Her LGBTQ Fans

The confidence that the respected celebrity radiates has flowed towards her followers. She plays the role of a mentor to her. In 2016, she helped her gay fan come out to his friends and family.

Rihanna Companionship For Her LGBTQ Fans. Let's see the details.
Rihanna By avrilllllla Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

When that gay fan reached out to her through Twitter, the main message of Rihanna’s response was to come forward and be yourself.

The notorious celebrity would check in to her fans throughout her career and offer them more advice. On different LGBTQ bars and nightclubs, Beyonc√© and Rihanna’s songs play on the dance floor. Her song entitled loud is her most gay record.

It’s A Wrap!

Again, is Rihanna gay? No, she is a straight woman who fully supports the LGBTQ community. The confidence that she has in being herself and living life to the fullest also inspires many members of the LGBTQ who follows her life to come out. 

There you have it, folks! Thank you for reading until the end. 

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