Is Rihanna Still Smoking Weed in 2022?

Rihanna is referred to as the bad bitch. Her image does not only include music, fashion, and beauty, but she also has an affinity with marijuana.

She was the very first woman to cultivate the weed culture. The pop icon advocated weed smoking. Her Instagram account has helped her take the exhibitionism for weed smoking to the next level. 

Is Rihanna Still Smoking Weed? Let's see.
Rihanna by Ilikeriri licensed under CC BY 2.0

It has been a while since she smokes trees, and now the Barbadian singer can walk effortlessly on grates. But having the bad girl image is not easy, and she is well aware of it. It includes vacation blunts and hotel drama. So you may be wondering: is Rihanna still smoking weed in 2022?

This post will run down the history of the relationship the Grammy Award-winning artist shared with weed. Keep reading and find out why the fashion designer smokes weed and does she advocate for it.

Why Rihanna Smoke Weed?

By now, you already know that she is smoking weed, so you may ask: Why? For one thing, it distracts the singer from drinking liquor. The pop star has been subjected to various drunken rants on Twitter.

She has been spotted taking shots and even stumbling at a restaurant. In of her concerts, the international superstardom was booed because she was too raunchy. With marijuana, she was able to stop drinking. 

Why Rihanna Is Advocating For Weed Smoking?

Look at the Instagram account of the famous singer. You will see her photos of smoking and rolling blunts defiantly. The legendary singer has never been shy about smoking this herb through the years. She is even advocating for it. 

Why Rihanna Is Advocating For Weed Smoking?
Rihanna By oouinouin Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Weed is better than cigarettes which contain more than four thousand compounds. Among those, about 200 are poisonous and more than 60 of which are considered carcinogens. On the other hand, weed smoking is natural. This is cannabis in an herbal form that comprises flowers, leaves, and stalks. 

Aside from keeping a smoker, weed serves other purposes. Marijuana is proven to assist in the amelioration of vomiting and nausea.

Other than that, it also stimulates hunger and is effective in treating glaucoma. Many are also using this as a pain reliever since marijuana has a general analgesic effect. 

Why Some Fans About Rihanna Smoking?

It is claimed that marijuana can cause memory loss. Furthermore, it can be regarded as a gateway drug. Meaning to say, it can be addictive. However, there is not much evidence that can prove this. Until now, scientists are still debating about cannabis dependence. 

Why Some fans about Rihanna smoking? Is she still smoke?
Rihanna By Ilikeriri Licensed Under CC0 1.0

It is still being studied how it can affect memory and intelligence. A lot of experiments focus on the potential of marijuana to be a gateway drug.

More so, the use of cannabis for treating mental disorders like depression and schizophrenia and how it affects the lungs is also being studied.

Is Rihanna Still Smoking Weed In 2022?

Since 2016, the pop singer has been slowing down her marijuana usage. In one of her performances, Rihanna said that she is trying to be a good girl by not smoking.

But the pretty actress continues to advocate the legalization of marijuana use. In fact, she has been more outspoken about it. 

It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know that Rihanna is smoking weed. But if you ask: is Rihanna still smoking weed in 2022? The answer is no. She is trying to take it out of her routine. But she is still in full support of marijuana use. 

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